Good grants for calf feeders under scheme

GRANTS from £2,435 up to £5,650 could be gained for Volac automated calf feeding systems purchased under the Northern Ireland Farm Business Improvement Scheme.

Applications for this second tranche of tier 1 FBIS grants are open from January 4 until February 2. Thus farmers are urged to prepare applications in good time bearing in mind paperwork changes from the previous tranche.

For details browse as Count-ryside Services has been tasked by government with delivering the entire FBIS package of support measures.

Automated calf rearing systems are listed under FBIS eligible items E58 to E61 by DAERA.

Commenting, Alistair Sampson of Volac noted that grants for automated calf feeders had created colossal interest in the new Urban Alma Pro.

“A mighty leap forward in calf rearing technology this new generation computerised calf feeder offers the option of automatic teat cleaning with disinfectant after every feed. Plus a unique ability to give necessary medications, such as electrolytes, to the right calf, at the right time.”

Available with from one to four feed stations, the Urban Alma Pro computerised calf feeder easily takes up to 120 calves through to weaning.

The Urban Alma Pro touch screen technology alerts rearers to potential problems as full wi-fi connectivity offers remote access on or off the farm.

Installing an Urban Alma Pro gives effective, hygienic calf feeding and eases your work load.

Calf milk replacer is mixed precisely with water and an in-line temperature sensor ensures milk always arrives at the teat at the correct, consistent temperature.

The machine recognises an individual calf’s ear tag at the feeding station and allocates the correct milk amount and concentration.

Aside from the teat cleaning option to further boost hygiene standards this machine from Volac is designed to clean and sterilise feed lines and bowl with acid and alkali up to four times a day.

Compared with bucket feeding 190 hours of work is saved with every 120 calves reared. Group feeding also saves on individual pen bedding.

The Urban Alma Pro is supported 24/7 by Volac technical specialists based in mid Ulster.

For timely advice on this grant opportunity for calf rearers contact Alistair Sampson of Volac on 07860 626442.


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