Gransha celebrates 30th show in glorious sunshine

COLOURFUL: Isla Aldworth and Karina McVeigh with ‘Cheyenne’ at the Gransha Summer Show. (FW30-508NN)

AN excellent 30th Anniversary was enjoyed at Gransha Equestrian Centre on the new date of July 7. Competitors were delighted with the lovely prizes sponsored by Baileys Horse Feeds, Horseworld NI, Nash’s Equestrian and Doagh Equestrian. The special Championship prizes for the Champions and Reserve Champions were Anniversary Pearl Earrings, which were very well received by the winners.

The judging was commented on by many of the competitors as being very fair and extremely helpful as the judges passed on some tips on turn out and ring craft.

SPARKLING: Fancy Dress rider Megan Reid on ‘Miss Sparkles’ at the Gransha Summer Show. (FW30-507NN)

In the Ridden Horse Ring, Niki Corr rode the horses beautifully and made all the equines look worthy of their placings.

In the Pony Ridden Ring, Duke and Liz McCartney took time to encourage the very young riders to jump and show their ponies to the best of their ability, while Ciara Gilroy passed on lots of tips on ring craft to the older pony riders.

The Working Hunter judges, Diane Minis in the pony classes and Diane Gibson in the horse classes, enjoyed their time judging over Simon Jackson’s exceptionally well designed and built courses, which brought out the best in both horses and riders.

A big thank you goes to all the volunteer helpers, without whom the show could not function, especially the Fancy Dress judges, Susan and Tim McKee, who had the difficult job of placing the many fantastic Fancy Dress competitors!

Roll on the next 30 years!


Saturday, July 7

Gransha’s 30th Anniversary Summer Horse & Pony Show

Pony Working Hunter. Judged by Diane Minis and Anne Rogers.

Performance 70cm: 1) Lauren Taylor, Honey Bee; 2) Pippa Crutchley, Kilshanny Joe.

Working Hunter 70cm: 1) Lara McRobb, April; 2) Pippa Crutchley, Kilshanny Joe.

Working Hunter 80cm: 1) Lesley Webb, Tullaree Fear vui; 2) Lauren McRobb, Honey Bee; 3) Stephanie Watt, Dunman; 4) Shannon Carruthers, Ratheen Sam; 5) Ralph Robinson, Ballyrainey Jack; 6) Jackson Laing, Geraldine 3.

Working Hunter 90cm: 1) Rooth Cousins, Ghost.

Working Hunter 1m: 1) Eva McClurg, Hugh.

Working Hunter 1.10m: 1) Cerys Howell, Lulu.

Working Hunter Pony Champion: Eva McClurg, Hugh; Reserve: Cerys Howell, Lulu.

HorseWorld NI Fancy Dress: 1) Emily Wade, Honey of Bannahalla; 2) Megan Reid, Miss Sparkles; 3) Isla Aldworth, Cheyenne; 4) Daniel McGimpsey, Hollybush Juno.

Pony Jumping, sponsored by Doagh Equestrian: =1) Lara McRobb, April; Laura Nickell, Luna; Kate McLaughlin, Toffee; Jackson Laing, Geraldine 3; Ralph Robinson, Ballyrainey Jack.

Pony Showing, sponsored by HorseWorld NI supported by Baileys Horse Feeds

Mini Working Hunters. Judged by Duke and Liz McCartney.

Cross-Poles: 1) Eva McGimpsey, Milford Spectacular; 2) Jesse Hamilton, Tabassco; =3) Toby Collins, Dunstone 33; Poppy Smith, Barnes Isobell; 5) Katie Muckle, Little Girl Pink; 6) Niamh Lyons, Secret Dream.

40cm WH: 1) Niamh Lyons, Secret Dream; =2) Megan Reid, Miss Sparkles; Charlotte Glenn, Britts DJ; 3) Katie Muckle, Little Miss Pink; 4) Abi Gardener, Buster.

50cm WH: 1) Darcey Greer, Teddy; 2) Megan Reid, Miss Sparkles; 3) Charlotte McCullough, Burnished Denman; 4) Abi Gardener, Buster.

60cm WH: 1) Charlotte Glen, Britts DJ; 2) Charlotte McCullough, Burnished Denman.

Ridden Classes – judged by Miss Ciara Gilroy

Novice Ridden M&M: 1) Eva McClurg, Touch of Class; 2) Ellie Rose Dixon, Monaincha Bella; 3) Shannon Carruthers, Tatheen Sam; 4) Pippa Crutchley, Kilshanna Joe.

Open Ridden Connemara: 1) Stephanie Watt, Dunman; 2) Claire Mackay, Craigmore Silver Rebel.

Novice Hunter Pony: 1) Emily Pearson, Suilen Dunally; 2) Eva McClurg, Randalstown Full Irish; 3) Lara McRobb, April.

Open Show Pony: 1) Charlotte Glenn, Royal Duke.

Open Hunter Pony: 1) Charlotte McCullough, Burnished Denman.

M&M Large Breeds: 1) Claire Mackay, Craigmore Silver Rebel.

M&M Small Breeds: 1) Reece Leebody, Glassmullen Mickey Mouse.

First Ridden Pony: 1) Eva McGimpsey, Milford Spectacular; 2) Katie Muckle, Little Girl Pink.

First Ridden Family Pony: 1) Louis Murdock, Rhino; 2) Poppy Smith, Barnes Isobell; 3) Katie Muckle, Little Girl Pink; 4) Amy McKeowen, Bobby Jack.

Lead Rein Classes

Tiny Tots: 1) Ollie Gordon, Heniarth Cuckaburra; 2) Issac Gordon, May Pole Stargate; 3) Louis Murdock, Rhino.

Show Pony: 1) Lewis McGimpsey, Holly Bush Juno; 2) Issac Gordon, May Pole Stargate.

Hunter Pony: 1) Erin Gordon, Heniarth Cuckaburra; 2) Tara Hanna Kerr, Immybrook Hidden Treasure.

Family Pony: 1) Emily Wade, Honey of Bannahalla; 2) Maisie Elliott, Jo-Jo Bo Bo.

Champion Ridden Pony: Erin Gordon, Heniarth Cuckaburra; Reserve: Jesse Hamilton, Tabassco.

Horse classes, sponsored by Baileys Horse Feed

Working Hunter. Judged by Diane Gibson

70cm Performance: 1) Rachel Crawford, Oscar; 2) Laura Buckley, Rockrimmon Dott Matrix; 3) Katie Crozier, Colorado; 4) Laura Bell, Mister Bumble; 5) Emily Kirkland, Wishful Dreamer.

70cm WH: 1) Katie Crozier, Colorado; 2) Lesley Webb, Silken Liberty; 3) Rachel Crawford, Oscar; 4) Emily Hawe, Loch Cruise Lady; 5) Deirdre Murphy, White Touch; 6) Sharon Power, Dynasty.

80cm Amateur WH: 1) Nicola Stewart, Tully’s Rebel; 2) Patrick McCready, Cardy Cruise; 3) Emily Kirkland, Wishful Dreamer.

80cm WH: 1) Peter Murdock, Dun N Dusted; =2) Laura Buckley, Rockrimmon Dott Matrix; Rachel Conn, Kilmore Diamond Lass.

80cm Derby: 1) Victoria Clark, Onyaorafya; 2) Gail McIlwaine, Miss BallyRolly; 3) Victoria Clark, Ballydrumin Major; 4) Rooth Cousins, Ghost; 5) Natasha Flood, Ziggy.

Small Horse WH: 1) Gwen Scott, General Amiro; 2) Leslie Webb, Silken Liberty; 3) Gail McIlwaine, Miss Ballyrolly; 4) Peter Murdock, Dun N Dusted.

90cm WH: 1) Marjory Warnock, Butterfly Charm; 2) Ryan Hopper, ALS Russian Rolex; 3) Rachel Conn, Kilmore Diamond Lass.

90cm Derby: 1) Gwen Scott, General Amiro; 2) Gwen Scott, Ruby; 3) Cerys Howell, Paddy the Harbour Master; 4) Ryan Hopper, ALS Russian Rolex; 5) Marjory Warnock, Butterfly Charm.

1m WH: 1) Cerys Howell, Leo.

1m Derby: 1) Victoria Clark, Denis; 2) Eva McClurg, Hugh; 3) Victoria Clark, Aruba Rain; 4) Cerys Howell, Lulu.

Working Hunter Champion: Gwen Scott, General Amiro; Reserve: Nicola Stewart, Tully’s Rebel.

Ridden Horse classes, sponsored by Baileys Horse Feeds.

Judged by Niki Corr and Courtney Stuart.

Riding Horse suitable for all the Family: =1) Megan Hamill, Chesterfield Rock Power; =1) Isla Aldworth, Cheyenne; 2) Nicola Jellie, Commanche Craft; 3) Sara Smyth, Million Dollar Boy.

Light Weight Hunter: 1) Suzanne Hill, Lion King; 2) Lesley Webb, Greenhall Miss R; 3) Sharon Martin, Ballycreely Bouncer; 4) Michelle McConnell, Sunday Morning; 5) Patricia Strange, Bell; 6) Grainne Moore, Hugo.

Middle/ Heavy Weight Hunter: 1) Lesley Webb, Sam; 2) Vikki Fox, Bonnie McKay; 3) Caroline McMillan, Rockrimmon Diamond Surprise; 4) Sharon Lappin, Amigo.

Small Hunter: 1) Joanne Gordon, Drumnahall Flo; 2) Patrick McCready, Cardy Cruise; 3) Susie Kinley, Ballinteer Boy; 4) Nicola Stewart, Tully’s Rebel.

Coloured Horse: 1) Lindsey McMullan, Lady; 2) Victoria Clark, Scotch; 3) Sharon McGimpsey, Knockaraha Gypsey; 4) Clare Adair, Dot; 5) Susie Kinley, Ballinteer Boy; 6) Sara Smyth, Million Dollar Boy.

Cobs: 1) Olaf Kerr, White Brow Passing Swallow; 2) Jane Magee, Brother Hubbard; 3) Hilary Jones, Wee Rosco; 4) Laura Bell, Mr Bumble; 5) Kerry Dickson, Bobby Jack; 6) Sarah Smyth, Million Dollar Boy.

Best Rescue/ Veteran Horse: 1) Deirdre Murphy, White Touch; 2) Diane Minnis, Irish Echo; 3) Nicola Stewart, Tully’s Rebel.

Side Saddle Equitation class: 1) Sharon McGimpsey, Knockaraha Gypsy; 2) Katie Crozier, Master Mind.

Champion Ridden Horse: Suzanne Hill, Lion King; Reserve: Lindsey McMullan, Lady.

CONGRATULATIONS: Champion Working Hunter pony, Eve McClurg on ‘Hugh’ and Reserve Cerys Howell on ‘Lulu’, are congratulated by sponsor Judy Maxwell from Baileys Feeds and judge Diane Minis at the Gransha Summer Show. (FW30-506NN)

Horse Show Jumping, sponsored by Nash’s Equestrian: =1) Paul Bailey, Mrs Doyle; Sharon Power, Dynasty; Grace Sinclair, Super Ted; Katlin McKechnie, Trodai Beag; Cerys Howell, Leo; Nicola Timms, Sky; Natashe Flood, Ziggy; Bailey Dunn, Bug; Kin Dunn, Chico.


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