Great Bonanza Suffolk female sale leader at 8400 guineas

n This gimmer fetched 6,000gns for William Tait.

ON Saturday, November 7, Lawrie & Symington Ltd conducted the Great Bonanza Suffolk Female Sale at Crewe Road, Maghera, on behalf of Messrs Sufferin, Crewelands, and Messrs Tait, Burnview, and including their guest consigners.

A total clearance of all 111 head forward for sale saw a top call of 8400gns and an overall sale average of 1900gns. A busy ringside of buyers along with 334 registered online bidders saw a trade way above vendors expectations. Sixty per cent of the sale was sold to online buyers with 41 lots going to Spain, Portugal, Belgium, France and the USA.

n This gimmer from William Tait’s Burnview flock sold for 6,600gns :

Topping the sale at 8400gns was the first gimmer from Stephen Sufferin’s Crewelands flock. This gimmer, sired by Birness Playboy, was sold carrying a pair to Solwaybank Champion and found a new home with Messrs McNally, Benedyglen.

Next at 6600gns was lot 30 from Willie Tait’s renowned Burnview flock. This much-admired gimmer, sired by Strathbogie I’m Invincible, sold carrying twins to Strathbogie Joel and was purchased by Messrs Smith, Mothercrum, RoI.

Mr Tait then sold a further two lots at the 6000gns mark. Firstly, for lot 64 which was a gimmer with some older genetics, she is by Forkins Ferrai II and sold with a single to Lakeview Lockdown. The last bidder on this lot was Messrs McDermott, Shane Road, County Tyrone.

Next at 6000gns was the first ewe lamb from the Burnview pen. This tremendous daughter of Burnview Hitman II found a new home with Messrs Screene, Windfield flock, RoI.

At 5,200gns was the second gimmer in the ring, again from Burnview, which was another daughter of Strathbogie I’m Invincible, selling with a pair to Strathbogie Joel. She found her way home with Messrs B Doyle, Bardahessia, Pomeroy, County Tyrone.

Three lots realised 4600gns, two from the Crewelands pen and the leader from Messrs McNally, Benedyglen flock. The first Crewelands gimmer, another by Birness Playboy, sold scanned two to Kinbally Ulsterman and went home with Messrs Tait, Burnview flock. The second Crewelands Gimmer at this price was yet again a Birness Playboy daughter, scanned two to Solwaybank Rock Solid, selling to Messrs McNally, Benedyglen.

On the flip side, the third gimmer at 4600gns was the first from the Benedyglen pen. Sired by Ballynacannon Taylor Made, she sold carrying a pair to Convoy Pablo Escobar and found a new home at Crewelands with Messrs Sufferin.

Other leading prices:

Gimmers – 4,400gns Burnview; 4,200gns Burnview; 3,600gns Burnview and Benedyglen; 3,000gns Burnview; 2,600gns Crewelands; 2,400gns Crewelands and Burnview.

Ewes – 4,000gns Crewelands; 2,600gns Crewelands; 2,400gns Crewelands and Beechcrest; 2,200gns Crewelands.

Ewe Lambs – 2,500gns Carony; 1,600gns and 1,400gns Ballynacannon; 1,400gns Carony and Benedyglen; 1,300gns Ballynacannon and Carony.

Flock Averages:

Burnview – 31 Gimmers (Top 6,600gns) averaged 2,317.74gns; 4 Ewes (Top 1,600gns) averaged 1,375gns; 5 Ewe Lambs (Top 6,000gns) averaged 2,080gns.

Crewelands – 24 Gimmers (Top 8,400gns) averaged 2,212.50gns; 6 Ewes (Top 4,000gns) averaged 2,450gns

Benedyglen – 10 Gimmers (Top 4,600gns) averaged 2,020gns; 2 Ewes (Top 1,700gns) averaged 1,650gns; 3 Ewe Lambs (Top 1,400gns) averaged 1,233.33gns.

Beechcrest – 5 Gimmers (Top 1,400gns) averaged 1,060gns; 1 Ewe averaged 2,400gns

Carony – 5 Ewe Lambs (Top 2,500gns) averaged 1,460gns

Ballynacannon – 5 Ewe Lambs (Top 1,600gns) averaged 1,260gns

Castlewood – 5 Gimmers (Top 1,000gns) averaged 810gns

n This Burnview gimmer sold for 5,200gns. :

Islandmoyle – 5 Gimmers (Top 750gns) averaged 600gns.


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