Great effort from younger poultry enthusiasts in art competition

below: In the 11 -16 drawing competition third prize winner was a lovely patterned egg by Daisy Caraher.

THANK you to everyone who entered the poultry art competition. There was a good number of entries and the judges had a hard job picking winners.

In the Under 5 section the photographic winners are – 1, K Patterson; 2, Alfie Hamill; 3, Carter Neill.

left: Second prize winner in the Under 5 section was Alfie Hamill with an Australorp.

Under 5 drawing – 1, Poppy Ashton.

6-10 Drawing and photos – 1, Conor Reid (drawing); 1, Thomas Hamill (photo).

11-16 Drawing – 1, Jamie McDowell; 2, Grace Caraher; 3, Daisy Caraher.

Photo – 1, David Wallace; 2, Matthew Donnelly; 3, Grace Caraher.

We hope you all enjoy these wonderful entries which shows the interest in the hobby is well and truly alive with younger members.

LEFT: In the 11-16 photo competition’s third prize winner of Grace Caraher with her young birds.

Next week will be the turn of the adult section and a special school entry.


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