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Great fun for all at the Dalways Bawn Winter dressage final

ON Sunday, December 5, the final of the winter dressage league took place at Dalways Bawn Equestrian, Carrickfergus.

Jenny Caldwell from Dalways Bawn said: “It was great to see so many people in a festive mood and we would just like to say thank you to everyone who participated in the league and, of course, to our judge Coreen Abernethy for such constructive feedback.”

Leanne Montgomery and ‘Monty’ had a great day, winning the Prelim class and the Prelim league. The pair were on a roll, as they then went on to claim the Dressage to Music class with a massive score of 74.58%!

Happy Christmas from all at Dalways Bawn and organisers hope to see everyone at their New Year Dressage league.


Sunday, December 5

Intro: 1) Karen Bradbury, Ollie 69.17%; 2) Aimee Daley, Theo 68.89%; 3) Katie Lowry, CJ 68.06%; 4) Georgia Hall, Moonshine 65%; 5) Cara Pearson, Cassie 64.72%; 6) Yvonne Gillespie, Mack 63.33%; 7) Phyllis Stanley, Silver 63.05%.

Intro League, sponsored by IGS Clipping: 1) Aimee Daley, Theo; 2) Katie Lowry, CJ; 3) Karen Bradbury, Ollie; 4) Cara Pearson, Cassie; 5) Phyllis Stanley, Silver.

Prelim: 1) Leanne Montgomery, Monty 75.2%; 2) Elaine Leinster, Goldie 72.4%; 3) Grace Hedgley, Archie 69.6%; 4) Sarah Ross, Jet 67.8%; 5) Emme Morrison, Penny 67%; 6) Shannon McComb, Marella 66.2%.

Prelim League, sponsored by Cleaver and Steel butchers, Ballycarry: 1) Leanne Montgomery, Monty; 2) Grace Hedgley, Archie; 3) Elaine Leinster, Goldie; 4) Sarah Ross, Jet; 5) Shannon McComb, Marella; 6) Emme Morrison, Penny.

Novice: 1) Katie Lowry, Flynn 74.84; 2) Barbara McMurray, Rocco Banana man 72.26%; 3) Tia Wharry, Trooper 66.94%.

Novice League, sponsored by Doagh Equestrian: 1) Katie Lowry, Flynn; 2) Barbara McMurray, Rocco Banana man; 3) Tia Wharry, Dalways Stormtrooper.

Elementary: 1) Julie Dauncey, Summer.

Elementary League, sponsored by Millar’s Bar and Off Sales, Ballycarry: 1) Julie Dauncey, Summer.

Dressage to Music: 1) Leanne Montgomery, Monty 74.58%; 2) Victoria McCandless, Koolstyle 73.33%; 3) Sarah Kileen, Simon 68.64%; 4) Sarah Ross, Jet 68.33%; 5) Cara Pearson, Cassie 67.01%.

Dressage to Music League sponsored by Dalways Bawn: 1) Victoria McCandless, Koolstyle; 2) Leanne Montgomery, Monty; 3) Sarah Ross, Jet; 4) Sarah Kileen, Simon.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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