Great poultry event at showery Saintfield Show

Ducks 20-6-19 SM Farm

Annual agricultural shows are so weather dependant and after the very wet first half of June that we have had the organisers should be applauded for keeping these events going.

Last Saturday was the turn of the Saintfield Show, which is held at Glenbrook Farm, Boardmills, with the kind permission of the Lawson family.

This was the 74th anniversary of this show. The poultry section

was well supported with 380 entries.

The show caters for the complete range of poultry and domestic waterfowl and was judged by County Antrim judges Roy Davidson and Artie Faulkner, who selected the top prizes as follows:

Show Champion and Champion Hard Feather – Adams and McLaren’s Furnace Old English Game male bantam;

Reserve Show Champion and Champion Heavy Large Soft Feather – Adams and McLaren’s Gold Brahma cockerel;

Points Cup – Adams and McLaren;

Best Waterfowl – Adams and McLaren’s German Pekin duck;

Best Large Light Soft Feather – Sam and John Smiley’s white Leghorn cockerel;

Best Heavy Soft Feather Bantam – Adams and McLaren’s Blue Orpington bantam female;

Best Light Soft Feather Bantam – McKibbin family’s Scots Grey bantam cockerel;

Best True Bantam – McKibbin family’s white Pekin hen;

Best Rare Breed – Jeff Hurst’s Ayam Cemani hen;

Best Junior Exhibit – Lucy Hammond’s Silver Appleyard Call duck;

Reserve Best Junior Exhibit – Joshua Garrett’s Ancona hen;

Best Rhode Island Red – McKibbin family;

Best Leghorn – Sam and John Smiley;

Best Goose – Adams and McLaren’s Steinbacher gander;

Best Turkey – McKibbin family’s Bronze stag.

Team Adams and McLaren had another great show winning the top prizes but there was a good spread across the many sections with some very strong classes – to win a prize card was a great achievement in itself.

Organisers Robert McKibbin and Joanne McKibbin and their assistants should be congratulated on running a very successful poultry section.

They thanked all who supported the show, stating: “On behalf of Saintfield Show we would like to say a huge thank-you to our judges (Roy Davidson and Artie Faulkner), exhibitors and spectators who supported us on such a wet mucky day.

“We were so lucky and grateful that every exhibitor turned up and also want to mention a huge thank you to everyone that stayed behind to help take down the cages and clean up.

“Thank you as well to Andrew Bingham for all his help with the pets area.”

This was a great show of poultry in County Down and helped to highlight many of our wonderful breeds of fowl.

Well done to everyone who participated in this event.


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