Great start to Downshire Riding Club Working Hunter league

Downshire WH BR Farm
CHAMPIONSHIP: Vikki Fox on ‘Tannaghmore Beau’, Reserve Champion; with Judge Lisa Doherty and Champion Eloise Rosenfeld riding ‘Moppity’. (FW14-532NN) PICTURES: courtesy of Nomad Photography

THE sun was shining as the competitors arrived at Mill Yard Equestrian Centre, Anahilt, Hillsborough on Sunday, March 24 to see the start of the three-week Working Hunter league, run by Downshire Riding Club. This league is open to members and non-members and to qualify for prizes in the final, the same horse/ pony and rider combination only need to compete at one leg. Further details can be found on events page.

The final will be held on Sunday, April 14 when the Champion and reserve Champion will be presented with a rug or private lesson, sponsored by Toni Donnelly.

75CM: Kelli Tate riding ‘Harvey Moon’ to win the 75cm class. (FW14-529NN)

The first class of cross-poles is ideal for lead rein, children and those who are wanting to just give it a go.

The Judge for the first round was Lisa Doherty, who was very encouraging and complementary to all who took part.

A big thank you goes to Nomad Photography for capturing all the action, to Lucy Maguinness for the use of Mill Yard and the hard working committee members.


Sunday, March 24

Working Hunter League – Week 1

Class 1 Cross-poles: 1) Calum Sinclair, Ginger; 2) Calum Sinclair, Ginger (Lead Rein).

Class 2 -55cm: 1) Rebecca Belshaw, Mr Reba; 2) Kelli Tate, Harveymoon.

Class 3 – 75cm: 1) Kelli Tate, Harveymoon; 2) Susan Fanning, Homegrown Marx; 3) Tara Murphy, Homegrown Marx.

Class 4 – 85cm: 1) Norma Herron, Chico Time; 2) Vikki Fox, Tannaghmore Beau; 3) Eloise Rosenfeld, Moppity; 4) Seamus Rodgers, Cal.

Class 5 – 95cm: 1) Eloise Rosenfeld, Moppity; 2) Seamus Rodgers, Finn; 3) Hannah Raffetty, Cor Ramler; 4) Vikki Fox, Tannaghmore Beau.

55CM: Rebecca Belshaw rode ‘Mr Reba’ to win the 55cm class at the first round of the Downshire Working Hunter league. (FW14-528NN)

Champion: Eloise Rosenfeld, Moppity; Reserve: Vikki Fox, Tannaghmore Beau.


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