Great support for Bluegrass league final at Portmore

Portmore league BR Farm
1M: Catherine Buchanan, right, (first) and Catherine Skelton (second) were prize winners in the 1m class at the Bluegrass Summer league at Portmore and received their prizes from Chantal Suarez. (FW34-555NN)

THE final of the well supported Bluegrass Summer league took place at Portmore, Aghalee on Saturday, August 17, with another great turnout. Riders once again battled it out to win their prizes, kindly sponsored by Bluegrass Horse Feeds.

Portmore would like to thank everyone who supported the league and extend a big thank you again to Bluegrass Horse Feeds. Jumping continues at Portmore with Training shows every Tuesday evening, starting at 6.30pm with the 70cm class. Please note there will be a break from jumping this weekend for the Dressage Championships, but jumping will continue the following week, with an SJI Pony Show on Saturday, August 31 and an SJI Horse Show on Sunday, September 1, starting 10am with 80cm. For more information, visit the website:

1.20M: Katy Connor won the 1.20m class at the Bluegrass Summer league at Portmore. (FW34-554NN)


Saturday, August 17

Bluegrass Summer League Final

Cross-poles: 1) James Donnelly, Muffin Man.

60cm: 1) Sarah Jane Sloan, Lady Lilly; 1) Lee Sloan, Molly.

70cm: 1) Trevor Cardwell, Ed; 2) Rebecca Horner, Paddy; 3) Michael Irwin, Jake; 4) Sarah Jane Sloan, Lady Lilly; 5) Courtney Sloan, Starlight.

80cm: 1) Laura Rudd, Nipper; 2) Roberta Hampton, Joey; 3) Bronagh Burby, Freddie; 4) Donna Barron, Dreamer.

90cm: 1) Bronagh Bursby, Freddie; 2) Catherine Skelton, Saphire; 3) Roberta Hampton, Joey; 4) Katy Connor, Henri; 5) Donna Barron, Dreamer.

1m: 1) Catherine Buchanan, Destiny; 2) Catherine Skelton, Saphire.

1.10m: 1) Vikki Fox, Franky; 2) Catherine Buchanan, Destiny.

80CM: Laura Rudd, winner of the 80cm class at the Bluegrass Summer league at Portmore. (FW34-553NN)

1.20m: 1) Katy Connor, Leo; 2) Vikki Fox, Franky.


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