Great support from equine enthusiasts for Gastric Ulcer evening

Gastric Ulcer talk BR Farm
GASTROSCOPE: David Rendle and Chris Akkari performing a gastroscope at the clinic. (FW10-551NN)

RINGNEILL Equine Clinic, Comber, Co. Down was delighted to welcome David Rendle CertEM (IntMed) DipECEIM MRCVS, a European specialist in Equine Internal Medicine, to present a client evening on Gastric Ulcers. The evening was kindly sponsored by BOVA, a drug specials manufacturer dedicated to the Veterinary market and supported by the British Horse Society (Ireland).

A large turnout of over 80 attendees representing various sectors of the equine community from competition horses, to pleasure riders and representatives from the racing industry, availed of the opportunity to listen to David speak about equine glandular gastric disease.

FULL HOUSE: David Rendle addresses a large audience at the Gastric Ulcer talk, organised by Ringneill Equine Clinic. (FW10-550NN)

Topics covered included the prevalence of equine gastric ulcers in different equine disciplines, anatomical divisions of the stomach, clinical signs of ulcers, diagnosis and treatment.

David attended the clinic the following day, where he spent the day performing gastroscopy, alongside vets Chris Akkari and Howard Whelan, where they treated a total of 10 horses that travelled from both the South and North of Ireland.

LINE UP: Jane Bruce, Ringneill Equine Clinic; Zoe Taylor, BOVA; Heather Plattworthy and Susan Spratt, BHS Ireland; David Rendle, guest speaker and Chris Akkari, Ringneill Equine Clinic pictured at the Gastric Ulcer evening at the Stormont Hotel. (FW10-549NN)

The two days were fantastically well supported, and the clinic already have plans for David to return to Ringneill Equine Clinic in the autumn to share his expertise for another education evening!


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