Great turnout at Connell Hill

Connell SJ 2 BR Farm
128 80CM: Zoe Mellet and ‘Tigger’ jumped clear in the 128cm 80cm class at Connell Hill on Saturday. (FW26-530NN)

THERE was another great turnout on Saturday, June 20 for Connell Hill’s third show jumping training show for both Horses and Ponies since reopening after lockdown. With the sun shining, all competitors enjoyed the superbly built course by Will Crean.

Organisers would like to thank all those attended for their continued support and compliance to the new regulations due to Covid 19. The next training show for horse and ponies will be held on June 25 at 10am. Details of shows, along with online entries, can be found on the new website:

128 70CM: Nicole Peoples and ‘Forest Flash’ jumped clear in the 128cm 70cm class at Connell Hill on Saturday. (FW26-529NN)


Saturday, June 20

Horses – 80cm: Liz Magee, Kiara; Caitlan Mann, Zulas Honour; Clodagh McIvor, Ruby; Joanne Nevin, Red; Kevin Mackey, Cindy.

90cm: Clodagh McIvor, Ruby; Caroline Gaston, Sophie; Daisy Person, Savanagh; Sarah Fullerton, Mollie; Valerie Penny, Oskar.

1m: Nicky Nesbitt, Ringfort India; Jane Kealey, Danny Boy; Megan Coxford, Carrickview Under Cover; Julia Wilson, Sophie; Tori Surgenor, Zara; Alison McClean, Shi; Lynn Lowry, Prince; Daisy Pearson, Savannah; Caroline Gaston, Lily; Liam McGarry, Chester;

1.10m: 1) Alison McClean, Shi; 2) Keith McDonald, Springburn Shutterfly 3) Taylor Hunter, Ferro; 4) Ruth O’Brien, Diaroyado; 5) Ally Wilson, Parkour; 6) Liam McGarry, Chester.

1.20m: 1) Wendy Anderson, Roger; 2) Shannon Mackenzie, Tara; 3) Gareth Saunderson, Danny; 4) Liam McGarry, Tonka; 5) John McLaughlin, Lincourt Luidam; 6) Fiona Coyle, Kojak.

1.30m: 1) Liam McGarry, Dan; 2) John McLaughlin, Lincourt Luidam; 3) Wendy Anderson, Archie; 4) Liam McGarry, Tonka.

Ponies – 128cm 70cm: Nicole Peoples, Forest Flash; Zoe Mellet, Tigger.

128cm 80cm: Zoe Mellet, Tigger.

138cm 90cm: Kyla Thompson, Meadows Molly.

138cm 1m: Kyla Thompson, Meadows Molly.

148cm 1m: Ellen Douglas, Rock Melody; Bethany Gordon, Gerteen Molly.

1.20M: Wendy Anderson and ‘Roger’ won the 1.20m class at Connell Hill on Saturday. (FW26-528NN) PICTURES

148cm 1.10m: 1) Bethany Gordon, Gurteen Molly; 2) Ellen Douglas, Rock Melody, 3) Ellen Douglas, Rock Tempo.


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