Great turnout at Portmore

Portmore BR Farm
80CM: Samantha Hamilton on ‘Zayn’ jumped a clear round in the 80cm class at Portmore. (FW27-563JG)

TRAINING continued at Portmore Equestrian Centre, Aghalee over the weekend, with a great turnout for the Horse Training Day on Sunday.

This coming weekend will see the training schedule continue, with a Pony Training Show on Saturday and a Horse Training Show on Sunday, starting at 9am. Entries for both days may be made via Equi-assistant.

FULL FLIGHT: Orla McGuinness on ‘Knee Deep’ in full flight in the 1.10m class at Portmore. (FW27-562JG)


Sunday, June 28

Horse Training Show

70cm: Amy Griffith, Arial; Pauline Kane, Dot; Joanne Wilkinson, Casper; Jackie Conn, Norman.

80cm: Hugo McAlpine, Pablo; Amy Griffith, Arial; Samantha Hamilton, Ziva; Lucy Hanna, Lemon; Lisa Allen, Annie; Clare Badger, Oliver; Courtney Sloan, Starlight; Hugo McAlpine, Zeus; Una McSorley, Holly; Noel McKee, Mansell; Norman Campbell, Sophie; Sarah McConnell, Ace; Barry McCormack, Simba; Samantha Hamilton, Zayn; Megan Mullan, Donnie; Jennifer Leeper, Roxie.

90cm: Clare Badger, Ciska; Lucy Hanna, Rebel; Lucy Toombs, Suzie; Sharon Conlon, Mikey; Clare Sloan, Robin; Rhona Kelly, Rosevale Spirit; Katie Wray, Crann Darragh; Nichola Wray, Lady Grey; Charlie Black, Oscar Rua; Tori Lee, Tonic; Suzanne Posnett, Bliss; Jodie Creighton, Jill; Peter Smyth, Sandy; Jennifer Leeper, Roxy; Claire Badger, Oliver; Amy Kane, Maverick; Natalie Kane, Tojo; Laura Ervine, Kara; Robert Harrison, Caesar; Niamh McFall, Bob; Claire Badger, Polo; Joanne Gibson, Vinanelle; Katie Wray, Easy Dun; Alison Irwin, Jimmy; Nuala McNally, Zeb; Sarah Bailie, Renesmee; Alix Robinson, Prince; Adam Sossick, Loughview Diamond Cora; Sarah Sproule, Luna; Charlotte Wylie, Perhaps B; Jenny Nixon, Harley; Sara McMordie, Belle; Jonathan Smyth, Budget; Philip Gaw, Sandy; Jenny Campbell, Vinnie; Jennifer Leeper, Charlie; Elaine Morrow, Daisy; Orla McGuinness, Knee Deep; James Johnston, AJ; Rebecca Sim, I am Legend; Claire Badger, Ciska; Peter Smyth, Wally; Anita Doherty, Sam.

1.10m: Peter Smyth, Wally; Edward Little, Charlie; Olivia Roulston, Fury; Claire Conlon, Jack; Kirsten Farr, Hugo; Holly Wray, Lily; Rebecca Simm, I am Legend; Sarah Kinnear, Jenna; Markus Buser, Kesha; Beverly Irwin, Flo; Natasha Adrain, Gerry; Sophie Adrain, Ronnie; Edward Little, Brian; Jodie Creighton, Eclipse; Olivia Roulston, Tom; Jennifer Leeper, Charlie; Fergus Reid, Bella; Lorraine Leavesley, Sherlock; Adam Sossick, Loughview Diamond Cora; Rachel Ferres, Elturano; Joanne Gibson, Seaview Lass; Jonathan Gibson, Seaview Lass; Jonathan Smyth, Vinnie; Claire Conlon, Molly; Nicci Hall, Casper; Angela Waras, Clemmy; Rebecca Patterson, Knockroe Decies Girl; Clare Abbott, Spud; Charlotte Harding, Ludovick; Taryn McClurkin, Ellie; Edward Little, Poppy.

1.20m: Jodie Creighton, Breena; Justine Harding, Dana; Olivia Roulston, Cally; Fiona Cooper, Bump; Sara McMordie, Jack; Billy Adrain, Fly; Justine Harding, Darcy; Anita Doherty, Connor; Jodie Creighton, Seth; Annabelle Heffron, Buzz; Katy Connor, Leo.

1M: Joanne Gibson on ‘Villanelle’ on their way to a clear round in the 1m class at Portmore. (FW27-561JG)

1.30m: Annabelle Heffron, Buzz; Mathew Conlon, Molly; Jonathan Smyth, Light out; Katie Conlon, Cruiser; Jonathan Smyth, Lui; Katie Connor, Ping.


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