Great turnout for Mossvale Riding Club Summer Show

Mossvale Summer Show BR Farm
WINNING ROUND: Charlie Black and ‘Oscar’ on their way to winning the Intermediate 90cm Horse class at the Mossvale Summer show jumping. (FW37-583NN)

ON Saturday, August 3, Mossvale Riding Club held their Summer Show jumping Show at Mossvale. There was a great turnout – thanks to everyone for coming along on the day.

Thanks are extended to all the helpers on the day and to the Jess family for the fabulous courses, as well as to photographer, Dara McCracken.

BLUE RIBBON: Nichola Stuart on ‘Clonkeen Cheeky Charmer’ secured second place in the Horse Starter Stakes at the Mossvale Summer show jumping. (FW37-582NN)

Mossvale’s Thursday night Horse and Pony jumping will start on September 19 at 7.30pm, doors open at 7.15pm, while Friday night Pony jumping, with classes from cross-poles to 90cm, will return on September 20 at 7.30pm, doors open 7.15pm.

Junior and Adult Leagues will run on Saturdays, September 28, October 12 and 26, November 9 and the final on November 23, with Adults at 11am and Juniors at 2pm.

A Dressage League is scheduled for Sundays, October 27, November 17, December 8 and the final on January 12, 2020.

The club’s AGM is being held on Wednesday, September 18 at 8pm.

The NI Riding Clubs’ Dressage Championships will take place on Sunday, October 20 at Knockagh View, Greenisland.


Saturday, August 3

Summer Show jumping Show

Ponies – Cross-poles: 1) Lucy Baird, Pinky; 2) Maisie Kinkaid, Pepsi; 3) Cliondhna McEvoy, Coco.

Also double clear: Emma Baird, Pinky; Zak Bradley, Charley.

40cm: 1) Rebecca Fletcher, Dollys Silver Melody.

50cm: 1) Cliodhna McEvoy, Coco; 2) Ella Calvert, Candypops; 3) Zara McConnell, Puzzle.

Starter Stakes 60cm: 1) Scott McKnight, Bambi; 2) Scott McKnight, Candy Pops; 3) Zara Calvert, Susie; 4) Rachel Fletcher, Bronelly Winston; 5) Hannah Orr, Humbug; 6) Viviene Andrews, Sara’s Pebbles.

Novice Pony 70cm: 1) Taylor McKnight, Bambi; 2) Kitty Cullen, Rocky; 3) Kitty Cullen, G G; 4) Zara Calvert, Susie; 5) Scott McKnight, Candypops; 6) Rachel Fletcher, Bronelly Winston.

Intermediate Pony 80cm: 1) Kitty Cullen, G G; 2) Kitty Cullen, Rocky; 3) Taylor McKnight, Bambi; 4) Amelia Wheeler, Paddington; 5) Caitlyn Trainer, Make it Pop; 6) Lewis Orr, Lynch.

Open Pony 90cm: 1) Zara Smyth, Charlie; 2) Caitriona Trainor, Poppy.

Maxi Pony 1m: 1) Zara Smyth, Charlie.

Horses – Starter Stakes 70cm: 1) Danni Froemling, Ralphie; 2) Nichola Stuart, Clonkeen Cheeky Charmer; 3) Sonia Walker, Oscar; 4) Amanda McCullough, Kiddo; 5) Jenna Morton, Misty; 6) Claire Walker, Blaze.

Novice 80cm: 1) Claire Smyth, Tilly; 2) Kate Russell, Bingo; 3) Bree Rutledge, Jewel; 4) Nichola Stuart, Clonkeen Cheeky Charmer; 5) Hannah McKinstry, Dawn; 6) Sarah Kilpatrick, Snooki.

Intermediate 90cm: 1) Charlie Black, Oscar Rua; 2) Kate Russell, Bingo; 3) Sarah Kilpatrick, Snooki; 4) Claire Smyth, Tilly; 5) Ruth Baird, Mr Independent; 6) Tina O’Connor, Toffee.

STARTER STAKES: Danni Froemling on ‘Ralphie’, winners of the Horse Starter Stakes class at the Mossvale Summer show jumping. (FW37-581NN)

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