Greenmount Association Autumn Farm Walk

Greenmount Association Autumn Farm Walk
TAKING PART: (From left) Victor Turtle, Drumrammer Farm, Faith Stewart, Quad X, Graeme Campbell, Secretary, Sean Blaney, Quad X, Nigel Logan, Hillstown Farm Shop, William Chesney, President Greenmount Association.

By Cathy Adams,

Lecturer and Public Relations Officer, Greenmount Association

THE annual Greenmount Association Autumn Farm Walk takes place on Wednesday, November 28, with a visit to Victor Turtles Drumrammer Holsteins in Ahoghill followed by a tour of Quad X and Blaney Agri.

On returning home to farm after finishing school Victor’s father was milking 75 cows. This is now a distant memory in comparison to the 500 cow herd that he has established. January 2016 saw Victor introduce four Lely A4 Astronauts with a further four being installed just a few months later.

This has made a dramatic reduction to labour requirements on the farm whilst increasing production. Cows are currently producing a 305 day average of 9,000 litres with 2.89 milking’s per day through the robots. Victor will cover more farm details throughout the farm tour on the day.

The second part of the day will begin with lunch provided by Hillstown Farm Shop on arrival at Quad X. Hillstown Farm Shop is owned and managed by Nigel Logan and has recently been awarded Ulster Café 2018.

The visit to Quad X and Blaney Agri will provide a rare and exclusive opportunity to get an inside understanding of one of Northern Ireland’s Agricultural industry success stories.

The visit at the Ahoghill site will show how the company’s numerous inventions are shaping agricultural systems not only here in Northern Ireland but also worldwide.

This visit will provide a unique opportunity to discuss the range of products that Blaney Agri and Quad X offer for livestock enterprises. Team advisors will also be on hand to discuss and assist with any individual farm equipment enquiries that may arise during the visit.

The Greenmount Association Autumn Farm Walk starts at 11.30am at Drumrammer Farm, 15 Drumrammer Road, Ahoghill, BT42 2RD, continuing at 2pm with Quad X/Blaney Agri, Carnearney Road, Ahoghill, BT42 2PJ.

Booking is essential to plan for catering. To book your place, please contact CAFRE Education Admin on 028 9442 6700.

There will be a fee of £10/person for lunch, which will be collected on arrival.


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