Halo Infinite revealed alongside Fable teaser in Xbox Series X game showcase

Halo Infinite demo footage (Sony/PA)
Halo Infinite demo footage (Sony/PA)

Microsoft has revealed a glimpse of Halo Infinite game play footage among its slate of upcoming titles for the Xbox Series X console.

Acting as the sixth main entry in the Halo franchise, players can expect to lead as the Master Chief once more in the campaign part of the game.

“The team has forged ahead through unprecedented challenges as we’ve transitioned the studio and our partners to bring Halo Infinite to life remotely while working in our homes amidst this global pandemic,” said Chris Lee, studio head for Halo Infinite at game developer 343 Industries.

During a steamed event, the tech giant briefly teased an upcoming new entry to the Fable action role-playing video game series, 10 years after Fable III was launched.

It is being developed by UK-based Playground Games, following the closure of Lionhead Studios in 2016.

Microsoft showed a total of 10 world premieres and 22 console launch exclusives.

It was also announced that a number of existing games would be receiving Xbox Series X upgrades, largely making use of improved graphic and speed capabilities, including Forza Horizon 4, Gears 5, Ori and the Will Of The Wisps, Sea Of Thieves and Gears Tactics.

The Xbox Series X is still set to be released around the Christmas period despite fears the coronavirus could disrupt production.

It will go against long-time rival Sony, who is also planning to launch the PlayStation 5 at the end of the year.


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