Happy Ulster Region pony athletes at Autumn Pony Tour prize giving

SJI Autumn Pony Tour BR Farm
WELL DONE: Children on Horses 1.10/ 1.20m League winners in the TRI Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour. (FW02-513NN)

SUNDAY morning, December 20 saw the prize giving of the TRI Equestrian sponsored Autumn Pony Tour taking place. This very well run, socially distanced event was held at the Meadows Equestrian Centre, Lurgan, with the kind permission of the McCusker family, for which the Ulster Region Pony Committee were very grateful.

The Autumn Tour was again fabulously well supported – a big thank you must go to all athletes and parents for their continued support. The Ulster Region Pony Committee would also like to extend thanks to all the venues for their support in what was an unprecedented year. They also extend their thanks to Gareth McCombe of TRI Equestrian for continued sponsorship of these tours in the Ulster Region.

148 1.20M: The winning line up in the 148 1.20m League in the TRI Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour. (FW02-512NN)

Each leg of the tour provided some fabulous jumping at all venues.

Congratulations to all the novice tour winners, who shared first place, as well as having the chance to draw for the TRI rug, sash or cup – well done all!

In the open tour, there were joint winners in the 128 1m class with Zara-Jane Kelly and Charlotte McCracken sharing the title. In the 138 1.10m tour, Oliver Doherty came out on top, with Lucy Morton winning the 148 1.10m tour.

Beth Thompson was the winner in the 148 Six/ Seven-year-old tour, while Yiayan Evans won the 148 1.20m tour.

Ben Maybin did the double when winning the 1m COH/ Junior and 1.10m/1.20m Junior tour and Maeve Clarke was the winner of the COH 1.10m/1.20m tour.

Once again, many thanks to Gareth McCombe of TRI Equestrian for their continued kind sponsorship. Wishing everyone a successful 2021!


TRI Equestrian Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour 2020

128 50cm: =1) Blackmountain Henry, Harry Hannaway; =1) OOS Fairytale, Harriet O’Hagan; =1) Princess Vicky, Harry Hannaway; =1) Sox Line Cassie, James Mellett; =1) Super Sonic, Kara McLaughlin; =1) Tuity Fruity, Kacie Maguire; 7) Phoenix Phantom, Khloe McLaughlin; 8) Aughmore Dante, Kathryn Walker.

128 60cm: =1) Blakes Super Sonic, Megan Hannaway; =1) Chester, Ellie Bingham; =1) He’s So Naughty, Harriet O’Hagan; =1) Phoenix Phantom, Khloe McLaughlin; =1) Princess Vicky, Megan Hannaway; =1) Rockbury Johnny Depp, Jessica Baxter; =1) Romeo (BHS), Cliodhna McEvoy; =1) Sox Line Cassie, James Mellett; =1) Tuity Fruity, Kacie Maguire.

128 70cm: =1) Avas Ruby, Brooke Rafferty; =1) Bronheulog Ruby, Julia Mulligan; =1) Devonhayes Marble, Julia Mulligan; =1) He’s So Naughty, Harriet O’Hagan; =1) In It To Win It, Elsie Tunney; =1) KHS Little Ted, Rebecca Coulter; =1) Loughkeeland Jake, Rebecca Coulter; =1) My Party Pop, Elle-Mae McCrory; =1) Princess Vicky, Megan Hannaway; =1) Rathdrum Bobby, Serena Brown; =1) Stepping Stone Toby, Medb Kinney; =1) Thistledown Royal Academy, Cara Garrity.

128 80cm: =1) A Little Fairplay, Eunan Kelly; =1) Avas Ruby, Brooke Rafferty; =1) Glebe Gold, Connie McFadden; =1) KHS Little Ted, Rebecca Coulter; =1) Mackney Blue, Keeva McElhennon; =1) Molly Polly, Eenna Hamilton; =1) Over the Rainbow Elsa, Zoie Dobbins; =1) Rashers and Sausages, Connie McFadden; =1) Tynnan Tuttle Pip, Cliodhna McEvoy; =1) Whiskey Jack ll, Elizabeth McCracken.

128 85cm U10s: 1) Medb Kinney; 2) Eunan Kelly; 3) Zoe Caskey; 4) Juliana Nelson; 5) Kaitlin McCrory; 6) Elizabeth McCracken; 7) Zoe Mellett; 8) Keeva McElhennon.

128 90cm: 1) Johan Fitzpatrick Burns; =2) Alexandra Best; =2) Zoe Caskey; 4) Jessica Baxter; 5) Elizabeth McCracken; 6) Abbie Rose McGeady; 7) Zara-Jane Kelly; 8) Cillian Torrens.

128 1m: =1) Charlotte McCracken; =1) Zara-Jane Kelly; 3) Johan Fitzpatrick Burns; 4) Alexandra Best; 5) Jessica Baxter; 6) Sarah McLaughlin; 7) Lily Tunney; 8) Eenna Hamilton.

138 80cm: =1) Boston Lady (SJAI), Bailey Parker; =1) Just Joyce, Darragh Murphy; =1) Sparkling Just Queenie, Jessica Baxter; 4) Claggan Supreme, Jessica Baxter; 5) Micky Blue Eyes, Eimear Farrell; 5) Sparkling Mr Gucci, Katie Leigh McCloskey; =7) Abuelito, Caitlin Rafferty; =7) Lisross Elara, Eden Foley.

138 90cm: =1) Kreme, Darragh Murphy; =1) Little Pretender, Sophia Bingham; =1) Sparkling Boomadonna, Jessica Baxter; =1) Sparkling Kiowa Moon, Zara-Jane Kelly; 5) All Being Well, Sophia Bingham; 5) Dougle Martyn, Zoe Keys; 7) Boston Lady (SJAI), Bailey Parker; =7) Claggan Supreme, Jessica Baxter; =7) Foyfins Gentleman Jack, Emma Burns; =7) Knockagaron Fear Bui Falcon, Calum McVeigh.

138 1m: 1) Emma Burns; 2) Cara McFadden; 3) Alex McMaster; =4) Charlotte McCracken; =4) Lucie McIlhatton; 6) Sophia Bingham; 7) Lucy McCann; 8) Calum Pearson.

138 1.10m: 1) Oliver Doherty; 2) Charlotte McCracken; 3) Calum Pearson; 4) Alex McMaster; 5) Emma Burns; 6) Lucie McElhatton; 7) Cara McFadden; 8) Ben Walsh.

148 90cm: =1) Ballymacoda Angel, Katie Campbell; =1) Byrneskill Penny, James Courtney Cadam; =1) Cashmir Jumper, Anna Cardwell; =1) Coppenagh Armani, Lucy Morton; =1) Doon Joey, Darragh Murphy; =1) Ferro Firework, Lucy Morton; =1) Party Time (UR), Katie Gibson; =1) Rakish Talisman, Mary-Kate Rice; =1) Roadside Coronation, Eva Sloan; =1) Tynan Whiskey River, Jara Hamilton.

148 1m: =1) Candyfloss (IHR), Cara McFadden; =1) Duffy HPA, Victoria Lee; =1) Kilfnora Madie, Cara McFadden; =1) Tynan Bo-Bo Bear, Peter Morton; =1) Tynan Whiskey River, Jara Hamilton; =6) Aghalaan Brexit, Alex McMaster; =6) GTA Lucy Lou, Kym Moore; =6) Marchesi Gem stone, Jessica Johnston.

148 1.10m: 1) Lucy Morton; 2) Victoria Lee; 3) Simone Leathem; =4) Beth Thompson; =4) Kym Moore; 6) Caoimhe Treanor; 7) Dylan Torrens; =8) Billie-Jean Lynch; 8) Cara McFadden.

148 1.10m Six & Seven-Year-olds: 1) Beth Thompson; 2) Simone Leathem; 3) Lucy Morton; 4) Oliver Doherty; 5) Cara McFadden; =6) Alex McMaster; =6) Alfie Adair; 8) Connor Harris.

148 1.20m: 1) Yiayan Evans; 2) Lucy Morton; 3) Cara McFadden; 4) Beth Thompson; 5) Simone Leathem; 6) Katie McEntee; 7) Jenny Dunlop; 8) Oliver Doherty.

Junior 1.10m/1.20m: 1) Ben Maybin; 2) Freya Sayle; 3) Victoria Lee; 4) Niamh McEvoy; 5) Tadhg Clarke; 6) Annie Gibson; 7) Clara Daly; 8) Shannon Treanor.

COH / Junior 1m:

1) Garryduff Diamond Mine, Ben Maybin; 2) Morning de la Bouverie, Ava Stubbs; 3) Ballylee Captain, Katie Gibson; 4) My Velvet Lady, Billie-Jean Lynch; 5) Greenfield Valentino, Clara Daly; 5) Hilton Z, Maeve Clarke; 7) Amigo (NL), Zara Burns; 7) Melleary Hill, Freya Sayle.

138 1M: Emma Burns riding ‘Ardnacashel Little Dreamer’, winners of the 138 1m League in the TRI Ulster Region Autumn Pony Tour. (FW02-511NN) PICTURES

COH 1.10m/1.20m: 1) Maeve Clarke; 2) Ava Stubbs; 3) Ben Walsh; 3) Alfie Adair; 5) Jamie Clarke; 6) Alexandra Kiernan; 7) Scarlett Thompson.


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