Hard Feather Show a big success

Ducks 29-11-18 SM Farm

The final Dromore hard feather show of the season was held last Saturday at the club showrooms in County Down.

Gareth Ingram, the hard feather secretary, had worked tirelessly to put together a great show which was well reciprocated by the exhibitors who entered great numbers of birds with a total entry of 378, of which 199 entries were Old English Game.

This was a fantastic entry for the final hard feather show of the season. Judges for this event were Adam Carr and Gareth Nicholson, who judged the Old English Game with Chris Brownsord judging Oxford, Carlisle, Asian Game and Indian Game.

This show also incorporated the regional championship Modern Game Show, which was judged by Marc McCullough, the top Modern Game bantam breeder.

This show was organised by Robin Kennedy, who each year works hard at running this annual event which helps to promote this wonderful breed of elegant fowl, which is kept in a number of colours and in both large and bantam sizes. This year there were 62 birds entered in this show.

Now to the top awards:

The show champion award went to Gareth Ingram’s Dark Furnace pullet.

Reserve Show champion award was Kenneth Fleck from County Antrim for an Oxford Henny male.

Best Carlisle went to Geoff Weir, from County Tyrone, for a male.

Best Indian Game was Joe and Neal Adams’ female.

Best Asian Game was Gareth Ingram’s entry.

Class winners

Old English Game: Duckwing – Gareth Ingram; Dark red – Austin and Robert Shaw; Light red – Scott Irwin; Black – Joe and Neal Adams; Blue – Gareth Ingram; Spangle – Austin and Robert Shaw; Dark Furness – Gareth Ingram; Polecat Furness – Eugene O’Rourke; Blue Furness – Gareth Ingram; Pile – Joe and Neal Adams; Crele – Peter O’Loughlin; Any Standard Colour – Eugene O’Rourke; Any Off Colour – Peter O’Loughlin.

Oxford Game: Black red – John McKearney; Duckwing – Gareth Ingram; Ginger – Jamie Lee McKinstry; Crow wing – Kenneth Fleck; Hennie – Kenneth Fleck; Off Colour – Gareth Ingram.

Carlisle Game: Duckwing – Austin and Robert Shaw; Brown red/grey – Geoff Weir; Off Colour – Geoff Weir.

Modern Game Regional Show

Show Champion – Harold Kennedy’s Gold Duckwing male.

Best Opposite Sex – Kennedy Brothers brown red female.

Reserve Best Male and Reserve Best Female – Kennedy Brothers blue red.

Best Wheaten – Joe and Neal Adams.

Best Pile – Joe and Neal Adams.

Best Black Red – Kennedy Brothers female.

After the two hard feather shows there are winners of each class based on the highest number of points over both shows. The results are as follows: Oxfords – Jamie-Lee McKinstry; Carlisle – Jonny Blaney and Geoff Weir; Modern – Philip Sneddon; Indian Game – Joe Adams and Neal Adams; Asian – Gareth Ingram; OEG total points – Gareth Ingram; Duckwing – Gareth Ingram; Light red – Scott Irwin; Dark red – Austin and Robert Shaw; Spangle – Austin and Robert Shaw; Brown red – Joe and Neil Adams; Black – Gareth Ingram; Blue – Gareth Ingram; Dark Furness – Gareth Ingram; Polecat Furness – Eugene O Rourke; Blue Furness – Gareth Ingram; Pile – Joe and Neal Adams; Crele – Peter O’Loughlin and Jonny Blaney; Any Other Standard Colour – Eugene O’Rourke; Off Colour – Eugene and Peter O’Loughlin.

n Gareth Ingram would like to say thanks to everyone for coming and supporting the show and hopes all had a wonderful time while there.


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