Hard-fought finish as Harding wins Seven and Eight year old Youngster Tour at Meadows

Meadows weekend BR Farm
FIVE-YEAR-OLD: Tara Dunne and ‘Albytwo’ jumped clear in the Five-Year-Old class at the Youngster Tour at the Meadows. (FW30-552NN)

THE Meadows Equestrian Centre, Lurgan enjoyed bumper entries over the weekend, with the second leg of their SJI Horse league and unregistered arena on Saturday, July 18 and their first of two Youngster Tour qualifiers taking place on Sunday, July 19.

On Saturday, it was a good day for Erin Crawford, who won the 1.30m on this occasion. Riding her mother’s ‘Could Be Anything’, Crawford put in a faultless performance to ensure she took home the winner’s rosette. In the 1.20m class, a fast-paced second phase saw John Higgins take the win on board Sharon Junk’s ‘Newmarket Rena’, ahead of Jessica McIntyre with her own ‘Stellor Skipon’.

FOUR-YEAR-OLD: Laura Brown McCann and ‘Gracefield Mufasa’ jumped clear in the Four-Year-Old class at the Youngster Tour at the Meadows. (FW30-551NN)

The Youngster Tour classes on Sunday, focused the spotlight on young Irish-bred horses. On display throughout the various classes was a good representation of upcoming young horses, with many exciting four-year-old prospects to keep your eye on! Of the 24 starters, 13 made it clear over the flowing, sympathetic course designed by Alan Lynch.

The Five-Year-Old qualifier also resulted in 18 clears on this occasion, meanwhile, winning the Six-Year-Old qualifier was John O’Hagan on board Kathryn O’Hagan’s ‘Clover Flush’ gelding ‘CHS Interception’. Taking the win in the Seven and Eight-Year-Old qualifier was ‘Velvet Flare’, a chestnut mare by ‘Mermus R’, owned by Jayne Clarke and ridden by Charlotte Harding.


Saturday, July 18

SJI Horse League

80cm: =1) David Gibson’s Ashfield Red Ginger, David Gibson; Maeve Lunny’s Kippure Steepleview Jack, Maeve Lunny.

90cm: =1) Nicola McDermott’s Barattraction, Nicola McDermott; Bethany Murray’s Cavalier Cobra, Bethany Murray; Eimear McMahon’s Chillout Sheddy, Eimear McMahon; Lisa Corry’s Inishcruise, Lisa Corry; Louise Thompson’s Pacini, Louise Thompson; Clare Sloan’s Rose of Lusty, Clare Sloan; Gerald Doherty’s Woodleas Peppercorn, Laura Doherty.

1m: =1) Tori Showkum’s Ballinamonapark Melody, Tori Showkum; Alistair Barr’s Colt Forty Five, Julie Barr; Robert McKee’s Dark Art, Robert McKee; Lynn Kelly’s Donaghmore Dolly (AES), Lynn Kelly; Andrew Murdock’s Edentrillick Phoenix, James Lewis Johnston; Michelle Daly’s Greenfield Valentino, Clara Daly; Aedi McCaughey’s Hariness, Aedi McCaughey; Rachael Thompson’s Jemeela Charm, Hannah Thompson; Lorraine Leavesley’s Sundance (FEI), Lorraine Leavesley; Nadine Arthur’s Supreme Prancher, Nadine Arthur.

1.10m: 1) Paul McClenaghan’s Royale Mardi Gras, Toni McClenaghan; 2) Bethany Murray’s Val De Mazeroy, Bethany Murray; 3) Maurice Bingham’s Harlequins Butterfly, Maurice Bingham; 4) Diana Cody’s Gold Trend, Tom Hearne; 5) Victoria S Clarke’s Carrickview Flamenco, Victoria S Clarke; 6) Joanna Curran’s Intis, Joanna Curran.

1.20m: 1) Sharon Junk’s Newmarket Rena, John Higgins; 2) Jessica McIntyre’s Stellor Skipon, Jessica McIntyre; 3) Ashlee Ervine’s Ludovick, Charlotte Harding; 4) Denise Crawford’s Carrickadawson Womanizer, Erin Crawford; 5) Denise Crawford’s Could Be Anything, Erin Crawford; 6) Roberta Mullen’s Diamant Ally, Charlene Clingan.

1.30m: 1) Denise Crawford’s Could Be Anything, Erin Crawford; 2) Rachelle Harding’s King Diamond, Charlotte Harding; 3) Trevor Clingan’s Ardtana Flash Forward, Charlene Clingan; 4) Esther Treanor’s Eleo, Gemma Treanor.

Unregistered Show jumping

50cm – Double Clear: Robyn Rice, Lady.

60cm – Double Clears: Shannon McClurg, Rolo; Leah Christie, Georgia; Rosanna Beattie, Colourmix; Emily Bothwell,Killadeas Estelle; Emma McGrath, Crackers.

70cm – Double Clears: Tori Lilly, Highbent Chardonnay; Daniel Pearson, Dandy; Rebecca Nickels, Quincy; Millie Mulvenna, Dixie; Emily Black, Bear; Olivia Stewart, Shadow of a Star.

80cm – Double Clears: Megan McGorry, Tina; Rebecca Smyth, Fair Prince Rooney; Emily Black, Bear; Daniel Pearson, Dandy; Tori Lilly, Hghbent Chardonnay; Tom Hearne, Valerie; Caitriona Cody, Lassie; Sophie Cathcart, Maggie, Louise Dillion, Drumillar Zandro; Alex Greer, Phoenix Spark; Deirdre Vallely, Star; Megan McGrory, KB.

90cm – Double Clears: Marian Kyle, Brookefield Mystery; Chloe Lister-Tinsley, Bonnie; Jonny Mulligan, Derry; Sarah Osborough, Pleasant Surprise; Marina Stewart, Troy; Charlotte Harding, Red Cloud; Alicia Temple, Coco; William Anderson, Bailey; Millie Mulvenna, Zulu; Charlotte Brown, Mila; Debbie Bunting, Lily; Kerriann Boyle, Alex; Shirley Hurst, Cheeky; Alex Greer, Phoenix Spark; Maeve Carlin, Master; Aisling Monaghan, Flora; Terry Smith, Nomination; Jessica Honeyman, Cooper.

1m – Double Clears: Lucy Telford, Billy; Kerriann Boyle, Alex; Jessica Honeyman, Cooper; Jonny Mulligan, Twiggy; Jonny Mulligan, Derry; Debbie Bunting, Lily; Emily Slaine, Mr Grey; Alicia Temple, Coco; Shanie Murphy, Jack Dandie; Johnny Mulligan, Diamond Queen; Alexandra Clarke, Red Curacao; Sharon Murphy, James.

1.10m – Double Clears: Conor Harris, Dex; Felicity McConnell, Finding Nemo; Pauline McKeown, Mia; Conor Harris, Dude.

1.20m: No Result

Sunday, July 19

Youngster Tour Qualifier

Four-Year-Old Youngster Tour Qualifier (85cm): =1) Isla Acheson’s AKD Ferocious, Tom Hearne; Liam McCloskey’s Coolturk Prestige, Shane McCloskey; Gavin McGuigan’s EGL Feel The Vibe, Kathryn O’Hagan; Laura Brown-McCann’s Gracefield Mufasa, Laura Brown-McCann; Raymond Kelly’s Kay Cee, Conall Kelly; Zoe Connolly’s Khalide, Zoe Connolly; Jill Revill’s Lislan Aganix, Jill Revill; Nadine Arthur’s NCA Koro Lady, Nadine Arthur; Rachelle Harding’s RJC Second Bet, Charlotte Harding; Gareth Nethercote’s RNH Ultimate, Gareth Nethercote; Darren Irwin’s Tangelo de Muze, Darren Irwin; Hugh Treanor’s Trebra Lorenzo, Shannon Treanor; Sharon Kelly-Murphy’s You Two Touchdown, Jonathan Creswell.

Five-Year-Old Youngster Tour Qualifier (95cm): =1) Tara Dunne’s Albytwo, Tara Dunne; Jacqui McKinney’s Allihies Sand Man, Jacqui McKinney; Lisa Morrison’s Candy Wonder Boy, Gabriel Tunney; Sara Coyle’s Cortango, Hugo McAlpine; Ronnie Hollinger’s Creevagh Class, Jonathan Creswell; Edward Mulligan’s Cushlas Gino, Edward Mulligan; Jane Kealey’s Danny Boy II, Jane Kealey; Joanna Curran’s Drumcullen Lady, Joanna Curran; Isla Acheson’s Emoe Marley, Isla Acheson; Anne Brennan’s GRC Quality, Mary McShane; Grace Sheridan’s Killyvane Cruising Star, Edward Mulligan; Jill Revill’s Lislan Beth, Jill Revill; Judith Sossick’s Loughview Diamond Orla, Garth Swaile; Casey Phair’s Maximum Glidawn Clover, Casey Phair; Britt Megahey’s Moveen Sibon, Barry McCormack; Raymond Kelly’s My Arabella, Conall Kelly; Barbara Kearns’s Show No Mercy 007, William Greene; Margaret Ward’s Tullyoran Candy Ride, Ellen Ward.

Six-Year-Old Youngster Tour Qualifier (1.05m): 1) Kathryn O’Hagan’s CHS Interception, John O’Hagan; 2) Alan Ivan McCoosh’s TMSH Lady Majella, Trudie Hermione McCoosh; 3) Robert Newell’s Louis The Thirteenth, Robert Newell; 4) Amy Smyth’s Mallard Spark, Amy Smyth; 5) Gareth Nethercote’s CHS Hoochie Coochie, Gareth Nethercote; 6) Aoife Owens’s Omard Connery, Aoife Owens.

Also clear: Kathryn O’Hagan’s CHS Bondi Beach, Kathryn O’Hagan; Mary McShane’s MMS Loreal, Mary McShane; Lorraine Leavesley’s Sherlocks Opium, Lorraine Leavesley; Joanne Gibson’s Villanelle, Joanne Gibson; Peter Keelagher’s Black Tolan Beauty, Robert Newell; Audrey Hunter’s Bann View Ferro, Taylor Hunter; Ronnie Hollinger’s Creevagh Imp II, Shane McCloskey; Melanie Haire’s Bonmahon Breakin Hearts, Harry Haire; Roslyn Brown’s Cascum Arka, Roslyn Brown.

Seven & Eight-Year-Old Youngster Tour Qualifier (1.15m): 1) Jayne Clarke’s Velvet Flare, Charlotte Harding; 2) Sarah Cleary’s Greenan Fusion, Barry McCormack; 3) Declan Taggart’s Amber Beach, Caitilin Taggart; 4) Lorna Moore’s GSS Mircino, Sarah Moore; 5) Kathryn O’Hagan’s CHS Fortitude, John O’Hagan; 6) Britt Megahey’s Ballinamurra Eclipse, Barry McCormack.

1.20m: 1) Sheikh Samir Mirdad’s Mirdads LPM, Beverly Irwin; 2) Tara Dunne’s Courtesan C, Tara Dunne; 3) Harriet Pele’s Camaro (KWPN), Harriet Pele; 4) Edward Mulligan’s Dowdstown Premier, Edward Mulligan; 5) Markus Buser’s ARD Invincible, Markus Buser; 6) Declan Taggart’s Amber Beach, Caitilin Taggart.

SIX-YEAR-OLD: John O’Hagan and ‘CHS Interception’, winner of the Six-Year-Old class at the Youngster Tour at the Meadows. (FW30-550NN)

1.30m: No Result.


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