Harry Hall riding story winners announced

Harry Hall winners BR Farm
STORY WINNERS: Left, The winners of the Harry Hall riding story competition have been announced. (FW46-514NN)

THE team of four judges, Ian Stark, Tom McEwen, Roly Owers and Liz Hopper, have chosen their winners in the Harry Hall riding story competition and the results are in.

Each winner has won a prize package worth £1,500. With over 300 entries, it took the judges some time to choose the winners in their category. Last week, Harry Hall announced the winners and what the judges had to say.


Alison Dunevein-Gordeon – Donkeys and Drunken Dons

Judge Ian Stark said: “It brought back some childhood memories of ‘Paddy’, the donkey where I started riding as a 10-year-old. He was a perfect ride for the small children, but he used to escape out of his paddock by crawling under the fence on his stomach and disappeared down to the town square and was always found eating the beautiful flowers! Our local police always saw the funny side of it.”


Jeremy Bell – Little did I know

Judge Liz Hopper said: “I laughed and cringed all at the same time, but can’t help thinking he’s pinching and kicking himself for not accepting that friends request. Does sound like a great night though.”


Sally James – Bringing joy to life

Judge Eventer Tom McEwen said: “Sally James with her daughter and the great work they have done along with the RDA. Every story with the RDA is inspiring, especially as we all know the hard work that goes in behind it.”


Teal Anthoney – Bouncing back

Judge Roly Owers from World Horse Welfare said: “Our association with horses is very much a partnership – whatever form that make take. Hence there are two key players in the form of human and equine – and Teal’s story highlighted the challenges for both.”

To read the shortlist and winning stories, visit https:// harryhall.com/ riding-stories

“We have laughed, cried and gasped at the stories that we received; Harry Hall have been helping horse owners for over 100 years. We’re horse owners and riders, who understand that this is a lifestyle, not a hobby. We enjoyed reading each and every story and thank everyone who entered,” said Managing Director, Liz Hopper.


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