Head still critical of some students

50 July 7 1970 head SM Farm

When he detailed the year’s results at last week’s Loughry Agricultural College prize day, Mr W G Shannon, principal, said that, as one might expect, some students had done very well, the majority had done reasonably well, and a few had done rather badly.

“You may recall,” Mr Shannon declared, “that last year I made some very critical remarks about the performance of some students. It is significant that some of those students are the same ones who have performed badly this year.”

The year started with an enrolment of 92 of whom two did not arrive. The 90 were divided into six in third year UDP, six second year UDP, eight final year UDD, nine second year UDD, 12 first year OND food, eight first year HND food, three first year OND poultry, three first year HND poultry, nine Agricultural Communication diploma and 26 certificate course. All but two completed the year.

Mr Shannon added: “In the final year Dairy Diploma two obtained a diploma although one other missed only one subject.

“In contrast to this other classes have done very well indeed. All final year poultry students obtained diplomas but perhaps the special word must go to the certificate course students. It has been a very good class and we finished with eight Distinction Certificates, seven Credit Certificates, eight certificates at pass level and three who obtained Certificates of Practical proficiency. This is a most creditable performance and I would like to give them a special word of congratulation. All of the nine students in the Agricultural Communication course obtained diplomas.”

Turning to last year’s students in national diplomas, Mr Shannon said that they might have talked to much recently about the new OND and HND courses that the old diploma courses might have faded into the background too much.

Those students who had already started the former courses must finish them and these would not come to an end until next year. Consequently the third year students would continue to be eligible for NDP in the case of poultry and NDD in the case of dairying. Those who sat national examinations after prize day last year did very well and particularly those in NDP.


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