Healthy breakfast options from Just Live A Little

Just Live A Little, the Northern Irish producer of luxury breakfast granola and snack bars, is launching new high fibre, protein rich and preservative-free lines for Ocado and Tesco.

The new lines are Tripleberry and Sunflower and Bramley Apple cereals for Ocado and Tesco NI have been developed and will be available in new 400g resealable doy packs.

Just Live A Little’s Tripleberry features raspberry, strawberry and blueberry and is high in fibre, a source of protein, suitable for vegans/vegetarians and does not have any added salt.

Sunflower Brambly Apple pack is made with local apple sauce and is also high in fibre, a source of protein, low in salt and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. In addition, this product also contains eight percent Sunflower seeds, a recognised source of vitamin E, minerals and essential oils. Both products are made without any preservatives.

Based at Portaferry in County Down, Just Live A Little has developed the new lines in consultation with both retailers.

The company was formed by husband and wife team David and Jill Crawford in their farmhouse in 2011.

Mrs Crawford, the company’s commercial director, says: “The new lines are the outcome of our ongoing discussions with both Ocado and Tesco NI about products to meet the specific requirements of their customers.

“We’ve seen the market trend towards high fibre, protein-rich and low salt products. We’ve now developed innovative and tasty products that, we believe, exceed these requirements and offer consumers healthy and delicious breakfast options.

“Great Britain is an immensely important market for us, and it’s great for us to be working with such a respected retailer as Ocado in exploring exciting business opportunities there,” Mrs Crawford adds.

The family run and owned business has won a series of deals to supply leading retailers in Britain and further afield with its award winning breakfast granola

As a result of a strategic focus on business outside Northern Ireland, Just Live A Little now exports its luxury granolas to Asia, especially Hong Kong and Taiwan, as well as to Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, the Czech Republic and Slovenia.

The company is also now among the most successful artisan providers of premium products in Northern Ireland.

“The high fibre and low salt lines reflect our long-standing commitment to healthier products that ensure quality, outstanding flavours, wholesomeness and transparency for customers. All our products are made from the finest ingredients and are fully traceable.”

Just Live A Little breakfast granolas and other cereals and snacks are all handmade and are preservative-free and have been created by the husband and wife team.

The granolas are slow baked and are available in a range of delicious flavours. The company also makes a gluten-free granola – Triple Nut from oats grown and processed in such a way that they don’t come into contact with wheat.


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