Hereford sale set for Dungannon


A good selection of quality young Hereford bulls is on offer at the Native Breeds sale scheduled for Tuesday, December 1, according to Mark Moore, secretary of the local Hereford Breeders’ Association.

Dungannon Farmers Mart is again

the venue and all entries will be subject to a rigorous pre-sale veterinary inspection plus weighing to ensure performance is up to breed standard. The event is recognised as an official sale by the Hereford Cattle Society and the entries are DNA tested to prove parentage and freedom from genetic defects. All entries are BVD vaccinated and the health status of the herd will be displayed in the catalogue and at the sale.

Demand continues strong for the whitehead sires says Mark: “Noted for easy calving, the Hereford is an ideal choice in the dairy herd, particularly on maiden heifers. With bad calvings leading to reduced milk production, using a Hereford can produce positive results in the bulk tank.

The docile nature of a Hereford bull makes them easily managed on any dairy farm, reducing aggravation, labour requirements and makes the farm a safer place to work.

“Fertility and longevity mean you get value out of your bull. And what’s more, with a shorter gestation period, of one week less than the average continental bull, cows will be back in the parlour more quickly. Working on a milk price of 25p per litre and a cow giving 32 litres per day, an additional week’s lactation could give £56 extra milk per head, which in a herd of 150 cows counts into £8,400.”

The value of Hereford sired calves is also significant and can bring a welcome cash bonus to dairy farmers as beef producers increasingly look to the dairy herd as a source of beef bred calves for rearing.

Growing awareness of the ex-ceptional eating quality of Hereford beef is helping drive demand for the product and with branded Hereford schemes supplying into Waitrose, the Co-op and Lidl there is an ongoing weekly requirement for finished cattle sired by a registered Hereford sire.


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