High standards at Ardnacashel Summer Show

Ardnacashel Summer Show BR Farm
PONY WORKING HUNTER: Georgia Haire on ‘Layla’ competing in the 80cm Pony Working Hunter class at the Ardnacashel Summer Show. (FW32-607NN)

THERE was an air of anticipation and great excitement on the morning of Ardnacashel’s Summer Show; the planning and preparation promised that this would be a great show with generous prize money and fantastic sponsorship. With over 70 classes to choose from, competitors would not be disappointed.

Everything was on offer from Racehorse to Riding Horse to First Ridden to Maxi Cob classes. All rings opened at 10am and the car park was full by mid-morning.

PRESENTATION: Sophie Tyner on ‘Jerry Maguire’, Working Hunter Horse Champion and Beth Murray on ‘Val de Mazeroy’, Reserve Champion, pictured with the Judges at the Ardnacashel Summer Show. (FW32-604NN)

The Show Pony classes, kindly sponsored by Ian’s School of Motoring, were well supported, with the judges complimenting competitors and parents on the high standard of turnout. The Family Pony Lead Rein class was won by Maizie Elliot on ‘Moonlight’, with Family Pony being won by Poppy McIlduff on ‘Magic Merrylegs’, this super combination also came fourth in the Working Hunter Pony class. The M&M Lead Rein class was won by Caitlin Wells on ‘Snowy’ and M&M First Ridden first place was awarded to Heidi Martin riding ‘Bronheulog Popalong’.

The Working Hunter Pony classes, which also included qualification cards for the Northern Ireland Festival, proved very competitive over a well dressed and imaginative course. These classes were sponsored by Millie’s Jumps and Timber Products, who have supplied Ardnacashel with beautiful imaginative jumps for a number of years. The Championship was awarded to Cerys Howell on ‘Lulu’ with Reserve going to Lara McRobb on ‘April’.

The Show Horse classes, sponsored by Ian’s School of Motoring, were held on one of the grass arenas, which held well despite the monsoon like conditions that followed! This was the first year Ardnacashel incorporated an Amateur section into their busy Show schedule. This section was kindly sponsored by Springmount Eggs and sought to recognise the hard work, dedication and schedule juggling that the Amateur rider often has to overcome in order to compete on a regular basis in their beloved sport. The Championship went to Cheryl Whitney on ‘The Marksman’ and Reserve was Leonie O’Gorman on ‘Its After Eight’. The Champion was awarded delicious bales of hay, which were provided by Springmount Eggs and they were also in receipt of a hamper of goodies, sponsored by Botanica.

It was a good show for Leonie O’Gorman, as she also took Reserve Champion in the Hunter section on ‘Its After Eight’, while Hunter Champion was Lesley Webb on the fabulous ‘Queen B’. The cobs were in the limelight next, again sponsored by Ian’s School of Motoring, with the Championship going to Lesley Webb on board ‘Randalstown Cromwell’ and Reserve awarded to Kerry Dickson on ‘Bobby Jack’. The Riding Horse section rounded off the action in the Ian’s School of Motoring Show ring, there were many elegant horses in this section covering large and small riding horse, coloured horse, veteran horse and Racehorse to Riding Horse, all vying for the Championship, but ultimately it was Ian Donoghue on ‘Carraigin Lolita’, who clinched it, with Reserve going home with Julie Donaghy-Simpson on the beautiful ‘Shawstown’.

Supreme Champion went to Ian Donoghue and Reserve was awarded to Sophie Tyner on ‘Jerry Maguire’.

The Horse Working Hunter course was a true test of what a Working Hunter horse should be, bold, brave and accurate in his jump. The ring, sponsored by Drumhowan Stud, had a variety of terrain, with slight peaks and troughs to ask horse and rider to make use of all their forward gears. The Champion Sophie Tyner on ‘Jerry Maguire’ and Reserve Champion Beth Murray on ‘Val de Mazeroy’ were deserving winners of this section.

The ring which was at the heart of the show had to be the H&J Carnduff Butchers/ The Butchers Deli ring, which held the show jumping classes. These classes went from cross-poles to 1m and proved popular throughout the day. Unfortunately, the later classes fell victim to the downpour, which was accompanied by claps of thunder and lightening. The track itself made great use of the space available with a treble combination across the long diagonal and several fences on related distances of no more than five strides. There was a clever roll back to finish, which invited riders to go on a galloping stride to the final fence.

Ardnacashel was overwhelmed by the generosity of this years sponsors, Ian’s School of Motoring, Drumhowan Stud, Millie’s Jumps, H&J Carnduff Butchers/ The Butchers Deli, Baileys Horse Feeds, Botanica, Springmount Eggs. Ardnacashel appreciates the time and effort spent by its sponsors in providing prizes, hampers and ongoing support throughout the year.

Ardnacashel would like to thank all the judges for their expertise and welcome comments provided to the competitors. A big thank you to all who attended and thanks to Cathal Lynch and his team for designing and building all the rings and courses.


Ian’s School of Motoring Show Horse Ring

Amateur Show Horse (Springmount Eggs): 1) Cheryl Witney, The Marksman; 2) Leonie O’Gorman, Its After Eight; 3) Hannah Catterall, Arctic Eclipse.

Amateur Small Hunter (Springmount Eggs): 1) Emma Whiteman, Jigsaw; 2) Megan McQuat, Moorestown.

Amateur Cob (Springmount Eggs): 1) Sophie Anstey, Off The Island; 2) Caitlyn Leebody, Ronelle Bobby Jack.

Amateur Championship: Cheryl Witney, The Marksman; Reserve: Leonie O’Gorman, Its After Eight.

Lightweight Hunter: 1) Lesley Webb, Queen B; 2) Leonie O’Gorman, Its After Eight.

Middle/ Heavyweight Hunter: 1) Lesley Webb, Sam.

Small Horse: 1) Kiera Gilroy, Blennerville Cavallino; 2) Suzanne Hill, Lion King.

Ladies Hunter: 1) Leonie O’Gorman, Its After Eight.

Hunter Championship: Lesley Webb, Queen B; Reserve: Leonie O’Gorman, Its After Eight.

Lightweight Cob: 1) Kerry Dickson, Bobby Jack.

Heavyweight Cob: 1) Lesley Webb, Randalstown Cromwell.

Cob Championship: Lesley Webb, Randalstown Cromwell; Reserve: Kerry Dickson, Bobby Jack.

Large Riding Horse: 1) Ian Donoghue, Carraigin Lolita; 2) Julie Donaghy-Simpson, Shawstown; 3) Megan Hamill, Chesterfield Rock Power; 4) Selina Forrester, No Illusion.

Coloured Horse: 1) Charlene Little, My Vintage Rose.

Veteran Horse: 1) Selina Forrester, No Illusion.

Racehorse to Riding Horse: 1) Julie Donaghy-Simpson, Shawstown.

Ridden Championship: Ian Donoghue, Carraigin Lolita; Reserve: Julie Donaghy-Simpson, Shawstown.

Supreme Champion: Ian Donoghue, Carraigin Lolita; Reserve: Sophie Tyner, Jerry Maguire.

Ian’s School of Motoring Show Pony Ring

Family Pony Lead Rein: 1) Maizie Elliott, Moonlight; 2) Holly Savage, Sunny; 3) Ella Dickson, Suzie; 4) Megan Cairns, Taz.

Family Pony: 1) Poppy McIlduff, Magic Merrylegs; 2) Katie Muckle, Little Girl Pink; 3) Tori Wells, Snowy; 4) Megan Savage, Silverstone.

M&M Lead Rein: 1) Caitlin Wells, Snowy; 2) Ella Dickson, Suzie.

M&M First Ridden: 1) Heidi Martin, Bronheulog Poppalong.

Ridden Connemara Pony: 1) Laura Nicoll, Mount Temple Boy; 2) Georgia Haire, Layla; 3) Katie McLeigh, Ellie.

Large Breed M&M: 1) Sophie McCormick, Fronarth Flash Gordon; 2) Elly-Rose Dixon, Monaincha Belle; 3) Laura Campbell, Brilyn Spirit.

143 SH Pony: 1) Laura Nicoll, Mount Temple Boy.

153 SH Pony: 1) Darragh McCracken, Ballyrussel Boy.

Drumhowan Stud Horse Working Hunter Ring

70cm Performance: 1) Claire McIlveen, Sky Socks; 2) Hannah Ogle, Starlight Express; 3) Lynne Forbes, Harry; 4) Keven Martin, Tia Maria; 5) Kristie-Lee McKnight, Heart of Gold.

4YO: 1) Lesley Webb, Cairnview Redwood Guy; 2) Nicola Jelly, Comanche Craft.

70cm Amateur: 1) Keven Martin, Tia Maria; 2) Lynne Forbes, Harry; 3) Nicola Jelly, Comanche Craft; 4) Hannah Ogle, Starlight Express.

80cm Amateur: 1) Emily Hawe, Loughcruise Lady.

80cm (NIF Qualifier): 1) Emily Hawe, Loughcruise Lady; 2) Charlene Little, My Vintage Rose.

Small Horse (NIF Qualifier): 1) Lesley Webb, Silken Liberty; 2) Gail McIlwaine, Miss Ballyrolley.

90cm (NIF Qualifier): 1) Sophie Tyner, Jerry Maguire.

1m (NIF Qualifier): 1) Beth Murray, Val de Mazeroy.

Champion: Sophie Tyner, Jerry Maguire; Reserve: Beth Murray, Val de Mazeroy.

Millie’s Jumps & Timber Products Working Hunter Pony Ring

Cross-Poles: 1) Ellie Murphy, Busby; 2) Rachel Booth, Max; 3) Katie Muckle, Little Girl Pink; 4) Caitlyn Wells, Snowy; 5) Abby Gardiner, Buster.

50cm Performance Hunter: 1) Annabelle Betts, Mac; 2) Reece Leebody, Glasmullen Mickey Mouse; 3) Abby Gardiner, Buster; 4) Poppy McIlduff, Magic Merrylegs.

60cm WH: 1) Ellie Murphy, Busby; 2) Poppy Duff, Mac.

65cm WH: 1) Poppy Duff, Mac; 2) Tori Reid, Flicka.

70cm Novice Connemara Performance Hunter: 1) Adam Booth, Kilcurry Gem; 2) Georgia Haire, Layla; 3) Elly Rose Dixon, Monaincha Belle.

70cm Performance Hunter: 1) Lara McRobb, April; 2) Megan Carson, Tynan Tobias; 3) Sophie McCormack, Fronarth Flash Gordon; 4) Lindsay Martin, Smokey.

70cm Working Hunter (Festival Starter Stakes NIF Q): 1) Anna Lawson, Mocha Macaroon.

80cm Working Hunter (133cm M&M NIF Q): 1) Megan Carson, Tynan Tobias.

90cm Open M&M Working Hunter (143cm M&M NIF Q): 1) Louise Williams, Prince Charming.

105cm Working Hunter (153cm NIF Q): 1) Cerys Howell, Lulu.

Champion: Cerys Howell, Lulu; Reserve: Lara McRobb, April.

H&J Carnduff Butchers/ The Butchers Deli Ring

Cross-poles – Clear Rounds: Mary McLeigh, Archie; Abby Gardiner, Buster.

60cm – Clear Rounds: Robyn Catterall, Artic Eclipse; Poppy Duff, Mac; Charlotte McCullough, Burnished Denman; Harry Stewart, Skyfall; Claire Mackay, Rebel; Nicola Caughey, Paddy; Holly Carville, Socks.

70cm Junior: 1) Zara Parker, Destiny; 2) Georgia Haire, Layla; 3) Holly Carville, Socks; 4) Lucy Donan, Goldilocks; 5) Lucy Donan, Flicka; 6) Shannon Kerns, Rosie.

70cm Senior: 1) Rachel Carnduff, Tucker; 2) Paula McIwlrath, Foxy; 3) Lindsay Martin, Smokey; 4) Maria Jones, Tigger’ 5) Brain Firth, Socks; 6) Pauline Foster, Madison Diamond.

80cm Junior: 1) Zara Parker, Destiny; 2) Anna Lawson, Mocha Macaroon; 3) Darragh McCracken, Archie; 4) Holly Donan, Pippen; 5) Holly Martin, George; 6) Medbh Kinney, Barney.

80cm Senior: 1) Gillian Whyte, Zephyr; 2) Gail Smith, Ernie; 3) Seamus Rogers, Finn; 4) Brian Firth, Socks; 5) Sharon Power, Dynasty; 6) Karen McMurran, Lippy

85cm Ladies: 1) Emily Kirkland, Wishful Willow; 2) Diane Minnis, Minefield Mister Tom; 3) Sophie Price, Molly; 4) Leone Slone, Chilli; 5) Cheryl Gillhan, Zippy; 6) Frances Courtney, Danny.

90cm: 1) Seamus Rogers, Cal; 2) Ian Jones, Ebony.

AMATEUR COB: Sophie Anesty and ‘Off The Island’, winners of the Amateur Cob class at the Ardnacashel Summer Show. (FW32-600NN)

1m: 1) Simon Jackson, Jagger.


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