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High standards at Gransha Working Hunter League

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THE SVS Working Hunter Show on Saturday at Gransha Equestrian Centre, Bangor was run under Covid 19 restrictions and the organisers were pleased with the positive response from all the competitors. They arrived on time and left after competing, therefore allowing other competitors to arrive.

The standard was very high and the riders enjoyed the flowing course. Tim McKee was in attendance with the Working Hunter fence that is up for grabs on the Final day of the league.

The winners of this month’s free draw were Sophie Malone, Emmalee Turley, Eva O’Neill, Leah Chambers and Kerry Finlay.

Their names will go into the hat in December.


Saturday, October 24

SVS Equine Autumn Working Hunter League, in association with Tim McKee

Gransha Equestrian Centre, Bangor

Arena 1 – PONIES

Class 1 – Cross-Poles

Lead Rein Section: 1) Rebecca Cowan, Garnant Emyr; 2) Grace Jackson, Granshas Half and Half; 3) Elissa Cowan, Ruby Tuesday; 4) Eirin Wardel, Harry Potter; 5) Sophie Malone, Twilight; 6) Adam Gowdy, Rhydgwillim Supernova.

Off Lead Section: 1) Lewis McGimpsey, Hollybush Juno; 2) Summer McGahan, Mo; 3) Katie Duff, Mac.

Class 2 – 50cm: 1) Ellie Annett, Joker.

Class 3 – 60cm: 1) Robyn Catterall, Wyreway Malcolm.

Class 4 – 70cm: 1) Katie Annett, Finians Bambi; 2) Ellie Annett, Litton Hi Society; 3) Eva O’Neill, Mac; 4) Eva Kennedy, Candy.

Class 5 – 80cm: 1) Eva McGimpsey, Phil; 2) Katy McElwee, Grotmore Prince; 3) Eva Kennedy, Pepper; 4) Katie Annett, Finians Bambi; 5) Ellie Annett, Littton Hi Society; 6) Emalee Turley, Belsa Beag.

Class 6 – 80cm Connemara Ponies up to 158cm: 1) Leah Chambers, Cummer Park Silver Boy; 2) Sophie Ennis, Gleann Rua Lincoln; 3) Charlotte Glenn, Chequer Hill Water Lilly; =4) Holly McGahan, Dunnit; Emmalee Turley, Belsa Beag; 5) Lisa Booth, Lady Valley.

Class 7 – 90cm: 1) Nakita Kidd, Adastra on a Whisper.

Class 8 – 90cm Connemara Ponies up to 158cm: 1) Leah Chambers, Cummer Park Silver Boy; 2) Sophie Ennis, Gleann Rua Lincoln; 3) Ross McElwee, Cluain Laragh Cascade; 4) Alex Watt, Dunman; 5) Poppy Duff,


Arena 1 – HORSES

Class 10 – 70cm: 1) Joanne Anderson, Hope; 2) Charlotte McCollough, Burnished Denman; 3) Holly McGahan, Rock Hard JFF; 4) Alison Simpson, Superted.

Class 11 – 80cm: 1) Caitlin McKechnie, Trodai Beag; 1) Holly McGahan, Paddy van Ringo; 3) Michelle McConnell, Inisbri Dawn Chorus; 4) Jill Banford, Slemish Cavalier Two Step; 5) Lesley Jones, Wookview Push Play; 6) Aimeee McKeown, Russel; 7) Sharon Power, Dynasty.

Class 12 – Small Hunter 90cm: 1) Sophie Cowan, Tempo Quickstep; 2) Emma Connollly, Mullaghdrin Cointreau Lady; 3) Sarah Brashaw, Out of the Phoenix; 4) Charlotte McCollough, Burnished Denman.

Class 13 – 90cm: 1) Sophie Cowan, Tempo Quickstep; 2) Suzanne Glenn, Ballylimp Bob; 3) Sarah Brashaw, Out of the Phoenix; 4) Kerry Finlay, Shanbally Ronaldo; 5) Sarah Brashaw, Lankill Lord Bui; 6) Margery Warnock, Butterfly Charm; 7) Aimee McKeown, Russel.

Class 14 – 1m: 1) Kerry Finlay, Shanbally Ronaldo; 2) Lesley Jones, Killpatrick Lord; 3) Megan Hamill, Chesterfield Rock Power; 4) Hanna Lymm, Dare to Desire; 5) Sarah Brashaw, Lankill Lord Bui.

Bree Rutledgehttp://www.farmweek.com

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: b.rutledge@farmweek.com or horseweek@farmweek.com or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.

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