High standards at Lusk’s dressage

Lusks dressage BR Farm
ELEMENTARY: Fiona McGowan and ‘Freedom’ were placed in Class 5, riding Elementary 44 at the Dressage League at Lusk’s. (FW04-552NN)

THE second leg of the Dressage League at Lusk Equestrian on Sunday, January 20 was again well attended. Director of dressage, Sarah Whiteside was assisted by Georgie Brown and Katie Scott, with Harold doing secretary for the day, while Jenny was on holiday!

The arena was in great condition and the judges, Fiona Morrow, assisted by Elaine Sterling and Janice Campbell, assisted by Rebecca Patterson, commented on how well horses were performing. The weather was more wintery, which resulted in a big day in the cafe.

CONCENTRATION: Amy Willis and ‘Lisbane Duno’ concentrate on their test in the Newcomers class at the Dressage League at Lusk’s. (FW04-551NN)

Dressage continues on Sunday, February 10, with the final on February 17. This coming weekend at Lusks there is Working Hunter, with ponies on Saturday and horses on Sunday, both days starting at 10am.

The first of the Garden Events takes place on Sunday, February 3, giving everyone a great chance to prepare for the coming eventing season, including cross-country and the water complex. Entries close on Friday, February 1 to Sarah Whiteside on 07740 117132.

Thanks are extended to the judges Janice Campbell and Fiona Morrow and all the other helpers. Photographer Caroline Grimshaw took some great shots of the action on the day.


Sunday, January 20

Class 1 – PC Walk and Trot Test (2013): 1) Jonny Steele, Fred; 2) Zach Watson, Casper; 3) Charlie Watson, Beau Jangles; 4) EllyRose Dixon, Monaincha Belle; 5) Sharon Cowan, Rose of Mourne; 6) Clare Murtagh, Lacey.

Class 2 – Newcomers Prelim 4: 1) Alex Ryan, Nearly Dun; 2) Louise Magill, Camiro’s Danny; 3) Ciara O’Hara, Cass; 4) Patricia Martin, Bella; 5) Fiona Dunn, Brooklyn; 6) Maddie McAfee, Jordan.

Class 3 – Prelim 18: 1) Keva Milligan, Kings Appraisal; 2) Jonny Steele, Bella; 3) Jonny Steele, Matilda; 4) Michelle Strange, Quality Galore; 5) Ellen McDonald, Greenfield Apache; 6) Alex Gordon, Sox.

Class 4 – Novice 24: 1) Sarah Irvine, Harry; 2) Karen Dixon, Kieran; 3) Nicole Robinson, Copperfield Gold; 4) Tara Dixon, Fred; 5) Rachel Freil, Nipper.

NOVICE: Nicole Robinson and ‘Copperfield Gold’ claimed third place in Class 4, riding Novice 24 at the Lusk’s Dressage League. (FW04-550NN) PICTURES

Class 5 – Elementary 44: 1) Karen Dixon, Fred; 2) Tara Dixon, Kieran; 3) Fiona Magowan, Freedom.


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