Hilltown Mart celebrates 20th anniversary with a chance to win

CELEBRATIONS: Aurelie Moralis, Veterinary Consultant with Zoetis helps Leo Fearon, left, Vice Chairman and John Farnon, chairman celebrate Hilltown Mart’s 20th anniversary.

FARMERS who sell calves registered with the SureCalf programme at Hilltown Mart during the month of October will be entered for a draw for five prizes of £50 each. This is part of the celebrations to mark the mart’s 20th anniversary, and includes the special awards already announced for the months of October, November and December.

Leo Fearon, Vice Chairman of the mart, explained “We have enjoyed business from sellers and buyers from all over Northern Ireland for our commercial and pedigree sales of both cattle and sheep – it is their support that has allowed us to trade profitably for the past 20 years. As a special thank you to them we will celebrate with special prizes from now until Christmas.”

Aurelie Moralis, Veterinary Consultant with Zoetis, commented: “We would like to congratulate Hilltown on their success over the past 20 years and wish them well for the future. Last year some of their suckled calf exhibitors participated in the SureCalf programme and one of the registered calves received the highest price at the first sale of the 2017 season.”

She continued: “We are pleased to acknowledge the efforts that Hilltown have made over the years to ensure the highest standards of livestock trading and the support they have given to the SureCalf programme. This programme helps minimize the risk of disease for suckled calves when they experience the stress of transport and mixing with other livestock at the sales.”

SureCalf Duo is ideal for calves sold in the autumn prior to their first winter housing period. Calves are vaccinated pre-sale against the three key respiratory viruses, BRSv, Pi3v and IBR. Sellers register their calves at least two weeks prior to sale by calling the SureCalf Helpline on 0800 668 1886. The information required are the dates of birth of the calves, numbers being sold, the date of vaccination and the batch number of the vaccines used, plus the name of their veterinary practice. They will then receive personalised SureCalf certificates, with these details.

On the day of sale the seller provides the buyer with this signed certificate showing compliance with the SureCalf programme. The seller will also receive blue ear tags which can be inserted in the calf’s ear and cards for the calf pens, thus identifying the vaccinated calves for the buyers.

For further information on the SureCalf programme, marts and farmers should visit the website surecalf.co.uk


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