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Hog hotels to protect pigs in China from viruses

China is building “hog hotels” to house its pig populations in a bid to protect them from viruses.

After the disaster of the African swine fever that wiped out half the country’s pigs – more than 200 million animals – it is taking a new approach to biosecurity.

The new gigantic vertical farms are adopting best practices from Europe and the United States.

The shift to large-scale industrial pig farming is a long way from the traditional backyard operations that dom-inated the Chinese industry before 2018, when pigs were fattened on raw kitchen scraps and swill.

China is still dealing with outbreaks of African swine fever, with 11 outbreaks reported this year to date, leading to the destruction of 2,000 pigs.

Prior to 2018, only one per cent of China’s home produced pig meat came from farms supplying more than 500 hogs a year. Today that figure has risen to almost 60 per cent.

One Chinese company has just recently build three five-story tall buildings, making up 140,000 square metres, in Beijing to produce some 120,000 pigs annually.

The largest facility of its sort in the city, the smell is said to be detectable a kilometre away.



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