Horse ploughing a key attraction at Mullahead match

THE horse ploughing is one of the biggest attractions at the annual Mullahead ploughing match, leaving one of the abiding memories of what is an excellent day out.

To emphasise its claim as the biggest horse ploughing event in the UK and Ireland, three years ago Mullahead and District Ploughing Society puled out all the stops to set a new world record and achieved this with 84 horses ploughing simultaneously to mark the 100th anniversary of the annual ploughing match.

Kenny Gracey, Chairman of Mullahead & District Ploughing Society, commented that this feat could have only been achieved at Mullahead, “The match is the largest one day event of its kind in the UK receiving huge support from competitors from all over the British Isles. To have that number of horses ploughing simultaneously in one place was a unique achievement and spectacle.

Mullahead & District Ploughing Society can now boast the largest horse ploughing match in the world!”

The society continues to attract large turnouts of horses each year, helped by the Bank of Ireland as official sponsors of the Ulster Horse Ploughing Championships which is an integral part of Mullahead Ploughing Match.

The Mullahead event will be held at the Richardsons Estate, between Portadown and Gilford, on Saturday, February 24. Other attractions include tractor pulling, the Tesco suppliers’ marquee, children’s attractions and trade stands.


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