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Press Eye - Belfast - 2nd June 2018 Managing Director, Rhonda Montgomery, pictured at the launch of her new food hygiene consultancy company, Hospitality Excellence. Hospitality Excellence is a membership-based organisation for food service providers which offers a range of services that will help establishments to achieve and maintain a score of 5 in food hygiene ratings. Photo by Press Eye / Darren Kidd.

Hospitality Excellence, a new food hygiene consultancy company, has been launched.

The company, headed up by business woman, Rhonda Montgomery, is a membership-based organisation for food service providers and offers a range of services that will help establishments to achieve and maintain a score of five in food hygiene ratings.

Hospitality Excellence will assist food service providers with technical support, advice and guidance that will help their business to achieve and maintain the top food hygiene ratings that reflect the standards of food hygiene in their premises.

A £90,000 investment has been made in the new business, which has also resulted in the creation of two new jobs.

Among the services that Hospitality Excellence provides is the conducting of quarterly unannounced hygiene visits to member premises with the aim of helping maintain consistent levels of hygiene and help to prepare members for inspections.

Hospitality Excellence will also work with member businesses to provide accurate nutritional and allergen information for menus.

Speaking on the motivation to create Hospitality Excellence, managing director and chief trainer Rhonda Montgomery said: “The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme became mandatory in Northern Ireland in 2016 and since then food service providers have been tasked with maintaining and displaying a consistent high rating on their doors.

“Elements such as staff turnover and lack of ongoing training can be challenging for businesses, leading to fluctuating scores which in turn reflects poorly on the business.

“Hospitality Excellence will work with businesses on an ongoing basis to ensure they are sufficiently prepared and confident for inspections from the Food Standard Agency and Environmental Health Office, maintaining top food hygiene ratings.

“The affordable membership scheme and service options offered by Hospitality Excellence mean that we can cater to the requirements of food service providers of every size.”

Hospitality Excellence is the latest business venture for Mrs Montgomery, who established her flagship business, Montgomery Food Consulting, in 2012.

Since then she has established a successful sister business that represents the needs and requirements of butchers across Ireland – Butchery Excellence International, before going on to create Hospitality Excellence.


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