Hovis adds two new loaves to its growing premium bread range

Hovis SM Farm

Hovis has launched two new loaves, Seeded Batch and White Bloomer, to cater for the growing premium bread market which has seen unit growth rise by +4.5 per cent according to Nielsen ScanTrack.

Seeded Batch builds on Hovis’ sector leadership in the seeds and grains category, with the company’s Seed Sensations Seven Seeds currently Britain’s favourite ‘Bread With Bits’ loaf, with unit sales increasing by +57 per cent since 2015.

The new Seeded Batch will aim to build on this success and meet consumer demand for premium bread alternatives. The loaf will provide a richer taste with bigger and crunchier seeds, 64 per cent of the seed blend being toasted sunflower seeds, and deliver a softer texture through its batch bake. It will be available in 800g and 400g pack sizes.

The new Hovis White Bloomer has been developed to cater to white bread consumers who are looking for something extra special.

It is baked with a traditional sourdough which has been slowly fermented for 72 hours to create a unique depth of flavour and character. It builds on Hovis’ success in the white bread segment, which has seen its Soft White range gaining +18 per cent growth in sales since April 2016 (compared to the White Bread market at -4 per cent).

The Seeded Batch will be rolled out in Asda stores from October 7.

Hovis is focused on investing in its core bakery lines and has recognised that the premium sector is driving growth in the bread market as consumers are increasingly trading up within the category.

The year-on-year unit sales of Seeds and Grains, as well as that of Premium White bread, have increased by +10 per cent and +4 per cent respectively.

Consumer demand for variety in bread is expected to continue and Hovis intends to maintain its high levels of innovation and product development across its product portfolio to satisfy evolving consumer preferences.

Hovis Senior Brand Manager, Hannah Vose, commented: “Hovis is a 132-year-old brand that has never been prepared to rest on its laurels, listening to its customers and delivering innovation to meet their changing needs. Our innovation team consistently create products that delight our consumers and as a result we have seen strong value and unit performance. Our continued investment into product development and the launch of our new Seeded Batch and White Bloomer loaves will drive our competitive advantage within the market and capitalise on consumer demand.”


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