How to create healthier habits in just 100 days

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Business in the Community Northern Ireland (BITCNI), in partnership with Support to Perform, is encouraging organisations to sign up to workplace wellbeing initiative The 100 Day Challenge – a physical, goal oriented programme that encourages and motivates staff and their families to keep active at this time.

The challenge, which begins on June 1 and ends on September 9, gets people into the habit of making choices that are better for their mental, physical and social wellbeing, creating routines that last beyond the duration of the challenge.

Denise Cranston, Head of Community Resilience and Wellbeing & Inclusion Programmes, BITCNI, said: “Business in the Community exists to support employers to create resilient workplaces where people are supported to be the best they can be.

“The 100 Day Challenge is the perfect tool for this as it engages employees across the whole organisation and supports their wellbeing whether they are working remotely, still in the workplace, or on furlough.

“We’re living through an unprecedented time when employees have had to quickly get used to a completely new way of working and living that has created stresses around financial, social, mental and physical health and wellbeing.

“Employers have a real opportunity to help their staff adjust and provide the means to support their own wellbeing during this crisis, and beyond it.

“Being physically active via challenges such as the 100 Day Challenge has a major part to play in improving physical and mental health, but what we’ve seen from organisations such as Graham is that this challenge is also a brilliant way to engage whole families as well as the wider organisation, and develop a sense of community amongst staff who may be working remotely.”

Dr Jonathan Bloomfield, Director, Support to Perform, developed The 100 Day Challenge.

He said: “The 100 Day Challenge isn’t like other workplace challenges where there’s a focus on counting steps.

“Instead, individuals can earn points themselves, or as part of a team with their colleagues, by logging any type of physical activity from walking and running, to back garden workouts, and even gardening.

“Support to Perform is on hand to help, motivate and provide activity ideas for the duration of the challenge.

“We supply online resources, hints and tips, and run weekly challenges with reward opportunities, to keep people thinking of new ways they can get moving, and to make sure that they’re really enjoying taking part in the challenge – this is how healthy habits are developed and will last well beyond the 100 days.

“All of our activities, guidance and advice is in line with Government regulations that keep staff safe and active, indoors and outdoors, builds their morale, helps them keep in touch with their colleagues and gives them that push to get up and get moving regularly.”

The 100 Day Challenge begins on Monday, June 1, and registration closes on Monday, May 25.

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