How to cut Britain’s imports

50 Jan 21 1969 Imports SM Farm

The National Farmers’ Union last week issued a 24-page booklet illustrating in detail how British agriculture can improve the country’s balance of payments position by a further £220 million expansion in home food production.

Some 30,000 copies have been posted to MPs and some members of the House of Lords, leading businessmen, bank and insurance chiefs, civic dignitaries and local authority executives, trade union officials, universities and technical colleges.

In a letter accompanying the booklet Mr G T Williams, President of the NFU, said that successive governments over the past thirty years had wrestled with the problem of their adverse balance of payments.

The continued failure to find an effective and lasting solution had imposed on the British economy a series of restrictive and costly financial squeezes.

“These ‘stop-go’ policies have prevented agriculture, commerce and industry from developing their full potentials, either in production or in productivity. Is there an alternative?

“We at the National Farmers’ Union believe that there is, and the booklet presents the case for a vigorous and practical alternative policy that could get Britain moving again,” he added.


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