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HSI Autumn Development Series held at Kernan’s

KERNAN Equestrian Centre, Crossmaglen, ran a leg of the HSI Autumn Development Series 2021 on Sunday, October 3, incorporating Four-Year-Old, Six-Year-Old and 1.40m Grand Prix classes, all generously sponsored by Horse Sprort Ireland to the tune of €13,000. In addition to the HSI sponsored classes, there was a 1.10m and a 1.25m class.

In the Four-Year-Old class, the prize fund of €4,000 was divided between the five riders who jumped clear rounds. Young Rider Emma McEntee on ‘Gortacar Suspicious Minds’ emerged victorious in the Six-Year-Old class, also with a generous prize fund of €4,000. She narrowly beat Derek McConnell and ‘Inlaws Manolo’s’ time by less than a second. Third place went to Edward Little on ‘Drumiller Daytona’.

The eagerly awaited HSI/ SJI 1.40m Autumn Grand Prix class did not disappoint. 13 combinations made it through to the jump off producing six double clears. The result was close, with Young Rider Francis Derwin producing a lovely clear in 35.54 seconds on ‘Killerisk Can Ya’, which proved unbeatable. Luke Campbell was close on his heels with ‘Derryinver Truffle’, but with his time of 35.70 seconds, Luke happily settled for second place. Immediately after Luke, came Niamh McEvoy – another Young Rider on her father Richard’s ‘Haifa OL’. Niamh gave it her best, but her slightly slower time of 35.85 seconds saw her take third place.

All in all, it made for a very exciting finish and James (Kernan) was delighted to see two of his Young Riders in the first three.

First prize in the 1.10m class went to Isla Acheson on ‘Emoe Marley’.

The 1.25m class, with a prize fund of £1,000 kindly sponsored by Sean Cooney of Botanica, was a well supported class with over 40 starters. First place went to John Floody and ‘Donevan Erkindale’. Junior rider, Katie McEntee was second on ‘Hip Girl’ and third went to Michael Cave and ‘Mirdads LPM’.

Kernan Equestrian Centre wish to extend their sincere thanks to Horse Sport Ireland for their very generous sponsorship; Sean Cooney of Botanica for his continued support; Janet Currie, Lithgow Currie and deputy judge Kathryn Jones. Also thanks to the course designer, Pairic Geraghty and all those who supported Kernan’s and all their helpers. A good day’s sport was enjoyed by all.


Sunday, October 3

Kernan Equestrian Centre

HSI Autumn Development Series Grand Prix Horse Show

Event 1 – 1.10m: 1) I Acheson’s Emoe Marley, Isla Acheson; 2) A McCaughey’s Hariness, Aedi McCaughey; 3) E McEntee’s HHS Amirah, Emma McEntee; 4) L Fahey’s Last Wish, Hannah Patterson; 5) D Rice’s Premier Sparkle, Shannon Treanor; 6) J Kernan’s Willing To Please, Hannah Patterson.

Event 2 – HSI Four-Year-Old: =1) J Russell’s Carnlea Lui Be, Edward Little; J) Curran’s Drumcullens Candy Bar, Zoe Connolly; A Waras’s Hallsmill Aga Quix, Angela Waras; J Robinson’s JKS Vienna, Shannon Robinson; D Prentice’s Stormbird, A Waras.

Event 3 – 1.25m, sponsored by Botanica: 1) K&G Thompson’s Donevan Erkindale, John Floody; 2) Stephex Stables’ Hip Girl, Katie McEntee; 3) Sheikh S Mirdad’s Mirdads LPM, Michael Cave; 4) R McKee’s Diamond Beach Babe; 5) J Maneely’s Calcourt Corona, Ryan O’Neill; 6) P Gallagher’s Carralavin Cruise, Richard Kerins.

Event 4 – HSI Six-Year-Old: 1) Gortacar Stables’ Gortacar Suspicious Minds 005, Emma McEntee; 2) S Hennessy’s Inlaws Manolo, Derek McConnell; 3) K Byrne’s Drumiller Daytona, Edward Little; 4) D Gormanley’s Marius CK, Richard Kerins; 5) O Cassidy’s Whitetree Endeavour, Orla Cassidy; 6) S Kerin’s RSK Lux Like Marius, Richard Kerins.

Event 5 – HSI/ SJI Autumn Grand Prix: 1) F Derwin’s Killerisk Can Ya, Francis Derwin; 2) D Campbell’s Derryinver Truffle, Luke Campbell; 3) R McEvoy’s Haifa OL, Niamh McEvoy; 4) K Magennis’s Accidental Diamond, John Floody; 5) N Smyth & R Craig’s Mulvin Lui, Johnathan Smyth; 6) A Phelan’s Castle Lux Clover, Sean Kavanagh.

Bree Rutledge

If you would like to find out more about Horse Week, Bree Rutledge can be contacted by email: or or by telephone: +44 (0) 28 9033 4493.




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