Hungarian oak flavours in new Irish whiskey

Killowen whiskey SM Farm


Killowen small batch Irish whiskey distillery in Northern Ireland has introduced a limited edition Virgin Hungarian oak, cask strength, non-chill filtered whiskey, a 10-year-old blend.

The latest release celebrates the closure of the distillery’s experimental series, spanning one year.

Killowen is based near Rostrevor in the picturesque Mourne Mountains of County Down.

Killowen managing director Brendan Carty says: “Within this year our whiskeys have gathered great support among grass-root whiskey drinkers who have backed our bonding and blending initiative.

“The blend itself includes whiskeys that are 10 to 12 years old from different distilleries all across Ireland, two single malts and one grain.

“Throughout this time we also hunted the globe for the finest casks to complement certain flavour notes in these blends.

“This cask in particular found its way to us thanks to a well-known Hungarian Irish whiskey enthusiast.

“The cask itself is the most beautiful to enter the Killowen bond.

“It is hand made from start to finish, the original oak trees are assessed and felled by hand in Hungary, then dried for years under tin lean-to roofs, before being sized and cut into staves by eye, hand and traditional tools.

“The unique, chunky detail of the croze and chime display a craftmanship that stands out from other international high-quality casks we have in stock.

“Even the oversized, chunky bung hung hole stopper is crafted and detailed with love,” he adds.

He continues: “Amongst the vibrant blended whiskey culture in Ireland, the Killowen Bonded Experimental Series stands out with her unique ratio of malts and grain whiskeys, the blend is then finished with a dominant yet balanced cask influence.

“One aim of the series is to empower the consumer so they may enjoy an educative experience while drinking thanks to our extensive production transparency on the bottle label, regarding sourcing, blend ratio and finish.

“Some unaware consumers are yet to understand that this information is not just forthcoming, but in-fact avant-garde.

“The fact that it is not ‘Killowen distilled’ spirit but rather, as the names suggests, a blended/bonded spirit – is clearly set out, providing the consumer with a deeper understanding of the flavour breakdown.”

Only 356 50cl bottles of the new whiskey will be available.


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