In for a pound, out with three?

ADVICE: Seen here with milk producer Blair Jamieson at Broughshane, Basel Bailey, right, is part of the Thompson’s team on call to discuss the role of Ecosyl additive from Volac in maximising silage feed quality from your pits and bales this coming winter.

FOR every pound spent on Ecosyl, farmers can gain at least a three-fold return on their investment according to milk and beef producers nationwide.

Not using Ecosyl additive from Volac is simply seen as a risk too far, not least in broken weather. Ecosyl applies high numbers of the unique, very efficient MTD/1strain of Lactobacillus plantarum.

And remember this Volac silage inoculation is the one where bacteria are produced by continuous culture. This makes them very robust thus ensuring rapid activity after application, enhanced storage and tank life stability.

Trial after trail has shown how the MTD/1 bacteria in Ecosyl multiply very fast and convert sugars only to strong lactic acid with no DM loss.

Those not using easy to apply Ecosyl are missing out on:

n Faster pH fall

n More efficient fermentation

n Less protein breakdown

n Reduced fermentation losses

n Higher nutritive value

n Higher digestibility

n Improved palatability and intake

n Improved animal performance.

In short, for more return from your time and effort contact Thompsons Feeding Innovation, Ecosyl distributors in Ulster on (028) 9035 1321 or browse


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