Inaugural meeting for Northern Ireland Farriers Association

NIFA inaugural meeting BR Farm
PARTICIPANTS: All participants and committee members of NIFA, pictured with the second patient and Dr Esther Skelly-Smith at the recent NIFA educational meeting. (FW10-543NN)

THE newly formed Northern Ireland Farriers Association (NIFA) held their first educational meeting on February 29. NIFA is set up for farriers working in Northern Ireland. The aim of the association is to support working farriers to uphold and improve the farrier industry. This will be done with events that will be regularly organised. The events will encompass all aspects of farriery with lectures, practical demonstrations, wet labs, competitions, liaising with other professionals and professional bodies and commercial businesses.

The first meeting was held at Shanaghan Veterinary Services in Katesbridge. Ireland’s first equine veterinary referral service dedicated to providing an integrated approach to the veterinary treatment and care of horses. The day was organised by NIFA.

DEMONSTRATION: Left, Dr Esther Skelly-Smith explaining the importance of recognising the fascia as an important structure. (FW10-542NN)

Dr Esther Skelly-Smith MRCVS kindly hosted and sponsored the first meeting at her practice, as she recognises the importance of different professionals working together. The day started with lunch and a presentation about the benefits of the integrated approach to the care and treatment of horses, followed by practical demos at her practice. NIFA would like to thank Dr Esther Skelly-Smith for her support.

PRESENTATION: Audience listening to the presentation at the recent NIFA educational meeting. (FW10-541NN)

Annual membership fee for farriers working in Northern Ireland is £30.
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