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Innovative flaxseed oil launched by Mount Mills


Mount Mills in Newry has launched a unique human flax oil that offers several health benefits.

The company, based on a family farm near Newry in County Down, has introduced the Natu Cold Pressed Flax Oil developed at a dedicated processing unit where the product is processed from seed to oil by Jim Magill, the managing director of Mount Mills.

Mr Magill, commenting on the new product, says the benefits of the new oil in 500ml bottles can help in lowering blood cholesterol levels, promote joint health and may improve skin conditions such as psoriasis. The new oil includes Alfa Linolenic Acid (Omega 3).

“We are conscious of making health claims and have worked with Environmental Health in Northern Ireland on the labelling of the oil and are permitted to say that a daily intake of only 2g of Alfa Linolenic Acid (Omega 3) contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels.

“This is an EU registered claim and very relevant in these times when so many people are turning to alternative methods to manage high blood cholesterol levels,” adds Mr Magill.

Mount Mills Flax Oil is the result of many years’ research and experimentation by Mr Magill with many different crops such as marigold, hemp as well as flaxseed.

“My research found that flaxseed produced the best balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils – the two most essential fatty acids.

“The health benefits of flaxseed oil have also been backed by academic research.”

Mr Magill, who runs the small business with wife Martina, grows flaxseed, harvests the crop, and then cold presses the flaxseed, packs and labels the product.

“This ensures customers can count on us for total product traceability and provenance. Everything is carried out on the farm,” he explains.

The company also sources flaxseed from accredited growers in England.

The new flax oil for human consumption is based on Mr Magill’s passion for wellbeing of horses and interest in equestrian sports, which led him to investigate diet, and in particular the benefits, of Omega oils.

The oils are created from seed using a modified cold press process that is unique to Mount Mills and has been developed by Mr Magill.

The success of his products in the equestrian industry led Mr Magill to research other applications for the unique oil, especially for human consumption … and Natu was born.

“Natu Flax Seed Oil is made with the highest quality seed and is cold pressed in a special health regulated press and bottled under the same stringent health regulated conditions for human consumption,” he continues.

“It’s a natural product which is now clearly endorsed as an aid to maintaining correct cholesterol in the human blood system on a daily basis.

“Feedback from a test group indicated that previously high levels of cholesterol have been reduced and are being kept stable,” continues Mr Magill.

“There were truly outstanding results for some and all gained with the recommended intake of only 2g per day,” he adds.

Natu is available in Mount Mills online shop and also in many health food retailers.

The company is also lining up retail outlets in Britain and the Republic of Ireland.



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