Inspection report highlights curriculum success for SERC

ABOVE: SERC’s Education and Training Inspectorate report said learning outcomes attained by the students across the areas evaluated, which including science, are a strength of the work of the College. Paul French, 18, from Lisburn, (left) a student on the Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Applied Science at SERC Lisburn Campus said, “I would not be in the position I am today if it were not for my tutor’s encouragement and guidance.”

THE Education and Training Inspectorate’s report on evaluation of curriculum planning at South Eastern Regional College (SERC) has praised the college for the high-level learning experiences offered to students.

Dr Michael Malone, Director of Curriculum, said: “We have invested in the curriculum here at SERC, particularly with the development of project-based learning, which ensures our students are industry ready as they progress, either to work or higher education. It is fitting that this has been recognised as an element that sets us apart in the report which stated: ‘A sector-leading project-based learning delivery model has been developed … through their engagement in the projects, students find solutions to real-world challenges and have formal opportunities to review and evaluate the success of their projects … it is a significant strength that the college has supported the development of 84 student companies to date, across a range of different vocational areas’.

“In addition, we pride ourselves on the close connections that we have with local industry and employers, an area that we have worked to grow and flourish with our dedicated Business Services and Employer placement teams. This was also highlighted in the report: ‘The college’s wide-ranging, collaborative partnership working with employers and sectoral bodies is used very well to inform the content and co-design of the curriculum, resulting in often innovative and mostly highly relevant learning programme’.”


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