Into summer with Drumlish Farm Machinery


WITH a very wet summer in 2017 followed by a long wet winter, land across the country has been left in poor wet condition, tracked by both animals and machinery.

To open up the ground and aid drainage many farmers are investing in the Sumo GLS (Grassland Subsoiler). Available at Northern Ireland’s approved dealer, Drumlish Farm Machinery in County Tyrone, this robust subsoiler is designed to improve and revitalise compacted grassland that is suffering from the effects of not just continual rainfall but also livestock and heavy machinery.

According to Sales Manager Gerard Barrett at Drumlish Farm Machinery, the GLS model is the most popular subsoiler within the Sumo range. “The GLS model is in big demand for us as it was designed specifically for smaller, wetter fields. The kind of fields typically found on farms both locally and around the island of Ireland.”

The GLS subsoiler boasts many strong features including a flat packer designed to leave an aerated consolidation with level finish across the full working width. Commenting on the design Gerald also added: “Farmers can expect their land to benefit from increased bacterial activity to enable worm populations to flourish with an environment that allows maximum grass growth. Anyone who is serious about growing good quality, productive grass should try the GLS.”

Along with leading cultivation and seeding equipment by Sumo, Drumlish Farm Machinery also offers the full range of Kuhn’s world class mowers, tedders and rakes.

Local Armagh based SlurryKat is also a brand big in demand for Drumlish Farm Machinery as farmers across the country battle to get their slurry out. SlurryKat has become one of the world’s leading slurry solutions with specialist tankers and a range of leading dribble bars and reelers to name but a few. Similar to SlurryKat, Drumlish Farm Machinery also operates an agricultural contracting business and a working farm, which ensures it provides first-hand advice backed up by its onsite service department.


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