ITBA Breeding Season seminar educates

ITBA Northern Seminar BR Farm
LINE UP: Guest speakers at the Breeding Season Seminar, from left, Martin Payne, Master Farrier; Dean Harron, ITBA Northern Region Chairman; Ashley Neely, Bluegrass Horse Feeds and Dr Matteo Mereu, Anglesey Lodge Equine Hospital. (FW11-513NN)

THE Crowne Plaza, Belfast was the place to be last Thursday, March 5, where over 60 Northern Irish breeders and vets gathered for a very informative and educational talk hosted by the Irish Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association (ITBA) Northern Region. The Seminar, entitled ‘Breeding Season Seminar’, was jam-packed with advice on best farriery, nutrition and corrective surgical veterinary practices. Sponsored by Blue Grass Horse Feeds, the expert speakers gave three magnificent presentations.

Dr Matteo Mereu from Anglesey Lodge Equine Hospital gave a highly informative and interesting talk on reproductive surgery to improve mare fertility. He advised attendees on reasons why breeders repeatedly have difficulty getting a mare in foal and highlighted the various different surgical suggestions with a very high success rate that may alleviate the problems.

GATHERING: Over 60 Northern Irish breeders and vets gathered for a very informative and educational talk hosted by the ITBA Northern Region. (FW11-512NN)

Ashley Neely, Equine Nutritional Advisor for Bluegrass Horse Feeds, gave a very insightful lecture entitled ‘Feeding for the future’. Her presentation outlined how important nutrition is for optimal fertility in the mare, feeding the foetus, nutritional demands during lactation and feeding for optimal foal growth.

Master Farrier, Martin Payne was the last to take to the stage and presented a comprehensive lecture on the importance of corrective farriery in young foals. He highlighted the importance of early intervention and good farrier/ breeder/ vet relationships for the best results from your farrier.

Speaking at the event, ITBA Northern Region Chairman Dr Dean Harron stated: “It is vitally important that the ITBA keep educating breeders in Northern Ireland. There are so many advances in breeding and we need to keep on top of all such advances. We are delighted that so many people attended and we hope they brought home some of the exceptional advice heard here tonight.”


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