It’s the perfect mower says farmer

It’s the perfect mower says farmer

If the Turbo mower had been invented 40 years ago, at least one County Antrim man would by now have amassed a fortune.

Associated with agricultural contracting since 1929, Mr R A Erwin, Kilcross, Nutts Corner, had worked with “every conceivable sort of mower” until discovering the Turbo three years ago.

Now on the edge of retirement, 65-year-old Mr Erwin – he is also chairman of the Northern Ireland Ploughing Association – described the Turbo as “the perfect machine, perfect in every way”.

“If the Turbo had been available when I started the contracting business,” Mr Erwin declared, “I could have made a small fortune – not by increasing charges but through the additional work which would have been possible.

“The speed and trouble free operation of the machine are outstanding features.

“There are no knives to sharpen while blockages – whatever the conditions – are eliminated.

“I used to spend half the night sharpening up to seven knives after a day’s mowing but that chore – it amounted to another day’s work – is now a thing of the past.”

Mr Erwin is equally enthusiastic about the Super Centipede now in use on the farm.

“It never releases two straws of hay the same shape,” was his comment. “And that is as good a recommendation as I can give


The family contracting business is managed by Mr Erwin’s son Robert Stanley and the 140 acre holding, together with considerable conacre lettings, is run along mixed lines.

About 200 acres of barley were grown last year while beef production is another major enterprise.


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