It’s time to optimise the profitability of your grassland


AS all famers know, tractors, rain and the movement of animals will cause grassland compaction. Such compaction impedes the balance between minerals, air, water, and organic elements, which is the key balance needed to ensure productive soil. One of the most effective ways to repair compacted land is by aerating your land.

There is a wide range of grass harrows available on the market to assist with compaction. Many farmers are opting for the Prairial Grassland Rejuvenator which is manufactured in France and was newly launched at Drumlish Farm Machinery in County Tyrone.

According to Gerard Barrett, Sales Manager at Drumlish Farm Machinery, the Prairial Grassland Rejuvenator “is a must for optimising the profitability of your grassland! Your animals will make better use of your grassland, and can stay out longer!”

The Prairial is a unique one-pass mounted machine for grassland regeneration, working at speeds up to 15kph. Angled knives aerate and reduce compaction, freeing nitrogen to the plant root and easing water and slurry incorporation. Toothed blades level cow pats, etc, spreading soil and natural fertiliser, while scarifying tines remove loosened dead thatch and moss to allow air movement, improving the health of the grass sward. Uniquely, all adjustments can be made without tools and an optional seeder can also be added for total or partial reseeding pasture.

The Prairial is available as a 2.5m and 3m fixed model or 4.5m and 6m hydraulic folding model.

To compliment this range is cultivation and seeding equipment by Sumo, which includes the highly popular GLS Subsolier, perfect for getting your land in top condition. Local Armagh based SlurryKat is also a brand big in demand for Drumlish with specialist tankers and a range of leading dribble bars and reelers to name but a few available.

Similar to SlurryKat, Drumlish Farm Machinery also operates an agricultural contracting business and working farm, ensuring it provides first hand experience for all your farming needs.


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