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Jacqui does the double at Knockagh dressage league

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THE weather was great

for the final of Knock-agh View’s dressage league on Sunday, July 4, and some lovely tests were ridden in front of judges, Lucinda Webb Graham and Coreen Abernethy. All league prize winners took home gorgeous embroidered saddle pads, vouchers and Scentsy goodie bags.

Jacqui Lewis had a very successful day, winning the Prelim 12 and Novice 24 classes and also going on to win both leagues. The Assisted class was lovely to watch, with the competitors in this class improving each week and growing in confidence.

Martina McKinley on her lovely chestnut headed a strong Prelim 1 class and went on to win the league, with Barbara Hanna winning the Elementary league and Helen Faulkner topping the Medium league. Stephanie Farren rode Mary Gibson’s ‘Clancy’ to win the Intro class and take the league prize, with Alex Wallace winning the Novice 22 league.

Thank you again to sponsor Mandy’s Scents. The next dressage league at Knockagh View starts on August 8 and runs over four weeks – check out the Knockagh View FB page or App for full details.


Sunday, July 4

Dressage League final

Assisted Intro A: 1) Annabel Manson, Barney (g); 2) Lizzy Taylor, Johnny (g).

League Result: 1) Lizzy Taylor, Johnny; 2) Annabel Manson, Barney.

Unassisted Intro A: 1) Stephanie Farren, Clancy (g); 2) Courtney Goudie, Rushall Ruby (g); 3) Georgia Rea, Jasper (g); 4) Sarah McCarthy, Ladyhill Cool Imp (m); 5) Stephanie Farren, Lacy (m); 6) Erin Fowler, Bit of an Imp (g).

League Results: 1) Stephanie Farren, Clancy; 2) Courtney Goudie, Rushall Ruby; 3) Sarah McCarthy, Ladyhill Cool Imp; 4) Georgia Rea, Jasper.

Prelim 12: 1) Jacqui Lewis, Dunore Fast and Furious (g); 2) Kerry Taylor, Star (m); 3) Judith Hitch, Hollie (m); 4) Sandra Murray, Alfie (g); 5) Erin Fowler, Mull on the Run (g); 6) Nadine McClelland, Lucey (m).

League Results: 1) Jacqui Lewis, Dunore Fast & Furious; 2) Sandra Murray, Alfie; 3) Nadine McClelland, Lucey; 4) Judith Hitch, Hollie; 5) Alex Wallace, Pumpkin.

Prelim 1: 1) Martina McKinley, Will Scarlet (g); 2) Sandra Murray, Alfie (g); 3) Ashlee Ervine, Fuzzy (g); 4) Stephanie Farren, Clancy (g); 5) Cora McNulty, Lady Epona (m); =6) Jessica Kelly, Casper (g); =6) Joanne McSeveney, Rhett Butler (g).

League Results: 1) Martina McKinley, Will Scarlet; 2) Sandra Murray, Alfie; 3) Ashlee Ervine, Fuzzy.

Novice 24: 1) Jacqui Lewis, Dunore Fast and Furious (g); 2) Nadine McClelland, Lucey (m).

League Results: 1) Jacqui Lewis, Dunore Fast & Furious; 2) Nadine McClelland, Lucey.

Novice 22: 1) Naomi Buchanan, Bella (m); 2) Kerry Taylor, Star (m); 3) Alex Wallace, Royal Sea Breeze (g).

League Results: 1) Alex Wallace, Royal Sea Breeze.

Elementary 40: 1) Jill Hobson, Miss Hanne J Walker (m); 2) Julie Dauncey, Summer (m); 3) Daryl McKinney, Ballylin Ben (g); 4) Naomi Buchanan, Bella (m); 5) Barbara Hanna, Maverick (g); 6) Laura Fekkes, Harry.

League Results: 1) Barbara Hanna, Maverick; 2) Julie Dauncey, Summer; 3) Laura Fekkes, Harry.

Medium 61: 1) Jill Hobson, Miss Hanne J Walker (m); 2) Helen Faulkner, Derrivane Danny (g); 3) Barbara Hanna, Rock Babylon (m).

League Results: 1) Helen Faulkner, Derrivane Danny; 2) Barbara Hanna, Rock Babylon.

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