Jalex strikes with Liquid Gold

right: Paul Elwood, right, of HVS Animal Health, pictured with James Alexander, will be at the Jalex Herd Open Day on Saturday, March 9, to discuss first hand how the Alexander family have benefited from using his Liquid Gold product.

TO maximise the very best in genetic potential at James Alexander’s herd of commercial cattle, he has enlisted the services of HVS Animal Health to ensure his stock perform at their optimum levels.

All forage-based diets, even of the very highest quality, will contain imbalances and stock in turn may be only reaching a certain level of performance such as holding to first service.

In order to counteract this James is

using HVS Animal Health’s leading product Liquid Gold which is a comprehensive organic chelate, trace element/vitamin drench, providing both short and long-term benefit.

Cattle can be susceptible to copper deficiency, whether naturally occurring or induced by the presence, in excess, of elements such as molybdenum and sulphur, which have the effect of ‘locking-up’ the copper and making it unavailable to stock, even though it is actually present in the diet. This locking-up effect can prevent the utilisation of copper even when given by inter-muscular injection, whereas there is a growing wealth of evidence that HVS Liquid Gold – Cattle is effective even in these circumstances.

With over 900 heifers served annually on the Alexander farm it is vitally important to manage the breeding programmes as efficiently as possible. James is confident that Liquid Gold assists with this alongside his excellent daily management of stock.

n The Jalex Herd is hosting an Open Day on Saturday, March 9 (11am to 3pm). Paul Elwood from HVS Animal Health will be available on the day to discuss the benefits of his full product range.


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