Japanese encouraged to take up farming

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Japan is to encourage more people to take up farming in a bid to lift its food self-sufficiency.

Under the policy, even those only interested in small-scale farming are to be helped to begin producing.

Officials are also to promote exports of wagyu beef, which is seen as a luxury item around the world.

The Japanese agriculture ministry has set a goal of 45 per cent food self-sufficiency by 2025 and maintaining it until 2030.

The plan was drawn up over concerns raised when figures for 2018-19 showed that only 37 per cent of the calories consumed in Japan were home produced.

The fall in food self-sufficiency is being put down to a change in the Japanese diet, and particularly a fall in the domestic consumption of rice.

As part of the 10-year plan for agricultural policy, the Japanese ministry wants to see a huge rise in the nation’s food exports – to five trillion yen, or five times the 2019 levels, according to reports in the Japan Times.


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