Jump Mix Challenge fun for all at Mossvale

Mossvale Jump Mix BR Farm
75CM LINE UP: The winning line up in the 75cm class class at Mossvale’s Jump Mix Challenge, from left Milly Mulvenna on ‘Zulu’ (fourth), Albert Lowry on ‘Oh Dear’ (third), Joanne Martin on ‘Lucy’ (second) and Lewis Orr on ‘Lynch’ (first). (FW10-511NN)

ON Saturday, February 23, Mossvale held a Jump Mix Challenge, with course made up of a mixture of rustic, coloured and cross-country fences. A great day was had by everyone – thanks to all for coming along. Watch out for further dates of the next Jump Mix Challenge.


85CM: Millie Mulvenna on ‘Zulu’ clamed the top spot in the 85cm class at the Mossvale Jump Mix Challenge. (FW10-510NN)

Saturday, February 23

Jump Mix Challenge

75cm: 1) Lewis Orr, Lynch; 2) Joanne Martin, Lucy; 3) Albert Lowry, Oh Dear; 4) Milly Mulvenna, Zulu.

RUNNER UP: Left, Chloe Hoyle on ‘Rocky’ came second in the 85cm class at Mossvale’s Jump Mix Challenge. (FW10-509NN)

85cm: 1) Milly Mulvenna, Zulu; 2) Chloe Hoyle, Rocky; 3) Joanne Martin, Lucy.


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