Jumping into action at Causeway Coast Arena

Causeway Coast SJ BR Farm
IMPRESSIVE: Myah McLean jumped an impressive round in the 1m class at the Causeway Coast Arena. (FW27-555NN)

SATURDAY, June 27 saw the start of the Causeway Coast Arena’s unregistered show jumping weekend, starting with the ponies. As the gates opened to commence the weekend’s jumping, it was evident that the organisers had been working tirelessly in the background to ensure the facilities supported social distancing and protocols were in place. During these unprecedented times, the importance of adhering to government advice is paramount.

The support from competitors near and far was astounding. Kym Doherty travelled all the way from Killygordon in Donegal for her debut show and was ecstatic to take first place in the 90cm class. Sarah Margey was the winner of a free arena hire drew from all pony entries.

70CM: Heather Fulton on ‘Billie’ competing in the 70cm class at the Causeway Coast Arena. (FW27-554NN)

All pony classes ran like a well-oiled wheel, competitors were supportive through ensuring they were ready at their allocated times (this was a pre-entered show to facilitate the current COVID situation).

Sunday, June 28 at 11am saw the start of the horse jumping with a 60cm class. Each rider was pre-entered and allocated their jumping time; this was welcomed by all and enabled the show to run like clockwork. The weather did try to play havoc, but riders were undeterred and continued to complete their rounds. Amy Brown was the winner of a free arena hire drew from all horse entries.

The organisers would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all competitors for supporting events at the Causeway Coast Arena; all proceeds go to RDA Coleraine.

A special mention to course builder Willie Brown, who consistently sets courses that encourage as well as challenge the riders and their mounts; all volunteers/ helpers – these events couldn’t run without your support, thank you. Resident photographer, David McDonald was in attendance – check out his Facebook page to view the images (dmcdonaldpixequestrian).

The Causeway Coast Arena would like to thank Steele Farm Supplies, Ballymoney for their generous sponsorship.

It is always good to see the support and the organisers really hope everyone enjoyed the event. They would like to congratulate all competitors that took part and look forward to seeing everyone again soon.


Saturday, June 27

Pony show jumping – all double clear rounds drew for placings

Cross-Poles: 1) William Shannon, Blaze (delighted to take home a new saddle cloth); 2) Cai Monteith, Rosie; 3) Caitlin McFadden, Starry; 4) Lacey McLaughlin. Pebbles.

Whilst not in the ribbons, organisers were delighted to welcome Katie Surgeoner on ‘Rocky’ and James Mellet on ‘Millie’, who were both at their debut show.

50cm: 1) Cai Monteith, Rosie (lucky winner of a new saddle cloth); 2) Bobby Surgeoner, Justice (Bobby’s debut show); 3) James Mellet, Millie; 4) Caitlin McFadden, Starry; 5) Katie Harbinson, Mary.

60cm: 1) Katy Mae McElwee, Sonic Hero (delighted with a new rug); 2) Alex Porter, Gem; 3) Laura Loughlin, Pippa.

70cm: 1) Rebecca Coulter, Susan Stokesberry’s Little Ted (won a new rug); 2) Beth McCartney, Anita’s Prince; 3) Laura Loughlin, Pippa; 4) Alana Doherty, Poppy; 5) Kathryn McCurdy, Hazel.

80cm: 1) Katy Mae McElwee, Gortmore Prince (loved her new rug); 2) Alana Doherty, Poppy; 3) Kym Doherty, Cashmere Katy; 4) Zoe Mellet, Tigger; 5) Rebecca Coulter, Little Ted.

90cm: 1) Kym Doherty, Cashmere Katy (received a new rug and a rosette to be proud of); 2) Zoe Mellet, Tigger; 3) Bethany Gordon, Gurteen Molly.

1m: 1) Bethany Gordon, Gurteen Molly.

Sunday, June 28

Horse show jumping – all double clear rounds drew for placings

60cm (7 competitors): 1) Chanelle O’Neill, Tullabay the Second.

70cm (14 competitors): 1) Laura Brown, Coco; 2) Hannah Patterson, Carla; 3) Aoife Hagan, Derry Cross.

80cm (18 competitors): 1) Helen Forgrave, Maddie; 2) Melanie Moorehead, Jack; 3) Kathryn Kyle, Lady; 4) Donna Barron, Dreamer; 5) Erin Hermans, Fernando Valley.

90cm (18 competitors): 1) Heather Fulton, Alois; 2) Brendan Doherty, Springhill Cavalier; 3) Bethany Gordon, Sparkling Boom’s Clover.

1m (13 competitors): 1) Liz Brown, Jack; 2) Andy Farren, Copper; 3) Laura Mackey, Lady.

1.10m (6 competitors): 1) Vicky Brown, Callum; 2) Vicky Brown, Clover; 3) Kevin Mackey, Havanna.

60CM: Hannah Patterson competing in the 60cm class at the Causeway Coast Arena. (FW27-553NN)

1.20m (6 competitors): 1) Kevin Mackey, Havanna; 2) Laura Brown, Romeo.


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