Jumping talent at Portmore

Portmore BR Farm
1.10M: Lynne Russell on ‘Akasha’, winner of the 1.10m class at Portmore. (FW24-586JG)

PORTMORE Equestrian Centre, Aghalee held another of their popular SJI Horse Shows on Sunday, June 9.


1.30M: Jessica Moore on ‘H Blokx’, winner of the 1.30m class at Portmore. (FW24-585JG) PICTURES

Sunday, June 9

Horses – 80cm:

No Entries for this Class.


=1) Ash-Lee Brown’s Omard Sunrise Beach, Ash-Lee Brown; Ian Moore’s Pinecrcoft Galaxy, Ian Moore.


=1) Helen Patterson’s Ballyrobinblack phantom, Charlotte Patterson; Peter Keelagher’s Black Tolan Beauty, Robert Newell; Laura Reid’s Candy Cane (HSI), Laura Reid; Sarah McLean’s Diamond Obelix, Sarah McLean; Robert McKee’s Lady of Honour, Robert McKee; Laura Reid’s LMK Nataya, Laura Reid; Judith Sossick’s Loughview Diamond Orla, Garth Swaile; Robert Newell’s Louis The Thirteenth, Robert Newell; Ian Moore’s Pine Croft Fleet, Ian Moore; Philip Swaile (Ballynakilly)’s Snowbound, Garth Swaile; Alan Ivan McCoosh’s TMSH Chance R, Trudie Hermione McCoosh; Alan Ivan McCoosh’s TMSH Lady Majella, Trudie Hermione McCoosh; Joanne Gibson’s Villanelle, Joanne Gibson.


1) Lynne Russell’s Akasha, Lynne Russell; 2) James McKean’s Cafre Olympic Dream, Lynne Russell; 3) Sarah McLean’s Diamond Obelix, Sarah McLean; 4) Fiona McRobert’s Western Hope (IHR), Fiona McRobert; 5) Markus Buser’s LMK Akoya, Markus Buser; 6) Lorraine Leavesley’s Emerald Sunshine, Lorraine Leavesley.


1) Markus Buser’s Solsboro Gold Flake, Beverly Irwin; 2) Lynne Russell’s Akasha, Lynne Russell; 3) Adam McKibben’s Moneybroom Chilento, Adam McKibben; 4) Jessica McIntyre’s Stellor Skipon, Jessica McIntyre; 5) Judith Sossick’s Loughview Diamond Cora, Garth Swaile; 6) Stephen Moore’s H Blokx, Jessica Moore.


1) Stephen Moore’s H Blokx, Jessica Moore; 2) Claire Schaefer’s KPCM Master Of Fortune, Claire Schaefer; 3) McFadden Equine’s Epinal, Mackenzie Healy; 4) Jessica McIntyre’s Fabio M (KWPN), Jessica McIntyre; 5) Elizabeth A Craig’s Kilrodan Landcruiser,

Rachel McKimmon; 6) David Taylor’s Cruising For Pleasure, David Taylor.

Amateur A & AA:

1.20M: Beverley Irwin on ‘Solsboro Goldflake’ winners 1.20m class at Portmore. (FW24-584JG)

No Entries for this Class.


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