Karla Souza: I know what it’s like not to be represented on screen

Actress Karla Souza (Danny Marin)
Actress Karla Souza (Danny Marin)

Karla Souza says there is a lack of diversity on British TV screens.

The El Presidente actress, 34, who was born in Mexico, lived in London for a while.

“I finished a two-year BA there and I had no opportunities because there are no Latins in the storylines, whether it be just film, TV, or theatre,” she said.

“There’s just nothing out there, and there’s such a huge Latin community in the UK.

“So I had to leave, I had to move and so I’ve known the effects of what it feels like to not see yourself represented.”

She said: “There was so much diversity in the culture of the UK … and how you guys all co-exist and it’s just so rich and yet you don’t really see it reflected on TV.”

El Presidente launches on Amazon Prime Video on Friday June 5.


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