Keady to speak at the NSA AGM

Keady to speak at the NSA AGM

THIS year’s NSA AGM takes place on Monday, November 19, at AFBI, Hillsborough at 7.30pm and will be followed directly afterwards by an Open Meeting which starts at 8pm. All with an interest in sheep are invited to what will be an interesting evening.

Dr Aurelie Aubry from AFBI will give an update on the current research being done there followed by Dr Tim Keady, pictured, principal research officer at the Teagasc Animal and Grassland Research and Innovation Centre, Athenry. Tim is no stranger to Northern Ireland farmers as he spent some time at AFBI, Hillsborough. He contributed to studies in several aspects of dairying while on the dairy research team there. For a time he led the Beef Programme and assisted with work which improved the efficiency of beef production in Ireland.

He moved back to the Republic of Ireland when he joined the Teagasc team in Athenry where he has been responsible for numerous research projects and technology transfer for efficient sheep production over several years. Tim has chosen the title ‘Key aspects of profitable sheep farming’ for his talk and will, no doubt, make his audience think about their sheep enterprises in a more serious way.

Tim’s excellent communication skills are likely to make the evening a worthwhile and informative experience for the audience and after the presentation a Q&A session will allow some more focused debate about current issues.


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