Keeping an eye on remote corners of the farm


A new wireless security camera, powered by a small solar panel, offers farmers a security measure for remote areas of their farms where they have no mains power.

Introduced to Northern Ireland by Raymond Taylor of Eye Spy, the Qvis camera system, which is designed and manufactured in England, can be discreetly placed to watch over remote laneways, buildings or field entrances which may be targeted by thieves or fly tippers. The compact camera system, little bigger than a mobile phone, sends out an intra red beam across the area you wish to protect. When the beam is broken the camera triggers and records any movement in its field of sight, up to five metres, including at night-time when infra red pictures are recorded.

The recorded information is saved on to a USB stick in the camera as well as on to a memory card. It will also send a 10 second video clip by e-mail to your laptop or phone. This alerts the farmer about potential intruders. The farmer can then make an immediate intervention or follow up the incident by passing the captured video information to the police. The recorded information can be captured remotely without accessing the camera.

The system is so small it will be easily hidden at installation when it can be mounted onto the side of a tree, gatepost or building. An adjustable bracket comes as part of the kit. The small solar panel (700mW), which is also about the size of a mobile phone, is mounted on the top of the camera. If the camera is likely to be activated on a regular basis (more than 20 times per day) a larger 10W solar panel (the size of a sheet of paper) can be fitted where it captures sufficient light and connected to the camera’s battery by a lead.

Installation and set-up assistance is available from Raymond Taylor of Eye Spy, who can be contacted on 07777 691888 or by email at


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